Envoy Global Account Manager: A Day in the Life

Last Updated on May 16, 2023

At Envoy, our Global Account Managers (GAMs) are the main point of contact for clients and Envoy’s Global Immigration Team. GAMs work to support clients with their immigration program needs, no matter the country or scale of a business.  

From handling case escalations to delivering customized support and tackling specific project requests, our GAMs play a vital role in overseeing and enhancing our clients’ mobility programs. Envoy’s GAMs constantly work to ensure timely and consistent service tailored to an employer’s unique needs. 

All our GAMs have worked in global immigration for at least a decade. They have much experience in regional case management, immigration management of regional teams and consular services assistance. With their knowledge of the global immigration process, Envoy’s GAMs can provide a well-rounded and comprehensive insight.  

Recently, we caught up with Jacqueline Reyes to get an inside look at what a GAM’s day-to-day entails. With a background working as a Global Immigration Manager, Jacqueline has extensive knowledge in handling and resolving immigration-related questions and escalations for employers and employees. 

What’s most fulfilling about working at Envoy Global? What motivates you most at work? What’s the most exciting part of your role? 

Reyes: Partnering with clients to improve their global immigration program is the most fulfilling part of my role. I also work with a great team, which keeps me motivated. 

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There’s more to global mobility than meets the eye.

What are some of the most significant responsibilities or duties you undertake in your day-to-day role as a Global Account Manager at Envoy? 

Reyes: One of my primary responsibilities is the oversight of accounts globally, with a focus on client satisfaction and retention. I am here to help identify opportunities for additional services or support that we can provide to facilitate the growth of a client’s program. This process involves collaborating with other Global Immigration Team members on specific projects and questions raised throughout the relocation process.    

How does Envoy Global handle changes to immigration laws and regulations during an international assignment? 

Reyes: Regulatory changes and practical shifts in how countries operate are commonplace in the global immigration space. Close to 200 countries fall under Envoy’s jurisdiction of coverage, and changes take place daily.  

One of the critical responsibilities of a GAM is to collaborate with Envoy Global’s legal teams in identifying changes that could affect any of our clients and their employees. We then work with our clients to develop strategies to navigate these changes effectively. 

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How does Envoy Global proactively identify regulatory changes? 

Reyes: At Envoy Global, we proactively identify changes in several ways. We utilize government connections and announcements, trusted news sources, local co-counsel networks, our internal Knowledge Management Team, networks, industries and government events.   

Given the frequent occurrence of new regulatory and practical operation developments in the global immigration space, Envoy has implemented a comprehensive process to ensure that our team and clients stay ahead of the curve. 

Can you tell us about your morning and afternoon routine as a Global Account Manager at Envoy? 

Reyes: My morning consists of attending and leading docket calls, where I provide overall strategic guidance for global mobility programs. 

On other mornings, I address escalations and any areas of concern raised by the client.   

In the afternoon, I often run and analyze client reports, such as active case reports and expiration reports. 

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Can I get in touch with my GAM at any time?  

Reyes: Absolutely! As a client’s dedicated point of contact, we can help with any program needs. Whether you prefer to get in touch via phone, email, Envoy’s secure platform or any other method, we’re here to support you at every step. We aim to ensure that all questions and programmatic points are covered when the client has a need. 

From your perspective, what feature of the Envoy platform do you find most useful for clients and your role responsibilities? 

Reyes: I find the assessment tool beneficial in addressing client queries and understanding new jurisdictions my clients are exploring.  

How does Envoy Global ensure the privacy and security of its clients’ information? 

Reyes: Envoy’s digital solutions ensure that all client and employee data is collected and stored compliantly with the utmost care to account for the challenges in today’s ever-increasingly digital world. 

We work hand-in-hand with Envoy’s Security, Product and Legal Departments to maintain our privacy and security standards and those of Envoy’s clients. 

What is the most exciting aspect of your role that pushes you to continue to evolve? 

Reyes: Keeping abreast of the ongoing changes in international immigration regulations and requirements pushes me to continue to evolve my immigration knowledge. 

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Envoy’s GAMs are constantly evolving and strategizing to meet the needs of clients and their employees. The team proactively identifies opportunities for additional services or support to aid their growth and development. 

Envoy’s Global Case Managers effortlessly connect HR and mobility teams to the critical resources necessary for the success of their program. The team demonstrates Envoy’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service while offering a transparent and reactive approach that sets Envoy Global apart from other companies in the industry.

Envoy is pleased to provide you with this information, which was prepared in collaboration with Jacqueline Reyes and Brendan Coggan.

Content in this publication is for informational purposes only and not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied on as such. For additional information on the issues discussed, consult an attorney at one of the two U.S. Law Firms working with the Envoy Platform or another qualified professional. On non-U.S. immigration issues, consult an Envoy global immigration service provider or another qualified representative.