Ensuring Information Security in Global Immigration: Envoy Global

Last Updated on March 11, 2024

As all HR teams and mobility managers know, managing global immigration involves handling personal and sensitive information for your foreign national employees. And in a digital age where cyber events leading to data breaches have far-reaching consequences, companies should always take proactive steps to protect their team. 

One crucial step in preserving privacy and protecting data throughout the immigration process includes partnering with an immigration provider that takes information security seriously. Envoy Global is a trusted partner for global organizations navigating immigration complexities while prioritizing information security.   

Meet Subhajit Deb: Our Chief Information Security Officer 

Image of Subhajit Deb, Chief Information Security Officer at Envoy Global.
Deb’s extensive experience in the information security field makes him an invaluable asset in ensuring that Envoy Global maintains the highest data protection standards.


Subhajit Deb, Envoy Global’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), leads the organization’s commitment to information security. Deb has held CISO roles at Dhani Loans and Services, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Max Life Insurance and other leadership positions with Sumitomo Bank and Bank of America. 

Deb is a Six Sigma Green Belt and holds various industry-recognized cyber security certifications (CISM, CRISC, CPISI, CIPR). He speaks regularly as a panelist at major security conferences and advises early-stage cyber security start-ups and on the advisory boards of EC-Council, CrowdStrike Tech Forum and CyberED (Information Security Media Group).  

Deb’s extensive experience in the information security field makes him an invaluable asset in ensuring that Envoy Global maintains the highest data protection standards. Envoy Global’s platform contains features such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and data encryption measures, along with denial-of-service attack prevention measures. The team routinely conducts independent security testing to ensure that all personal and sensitive information within the platform remains protected.  

Envoy Global also holds certification under the EU-U.S. privacy framework, which includes UK Extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework and Swiss-U.S. DPF. The company has also obtained SOC 2 Type II certification. Under Deb’s leadership, the team most recently achieved ISO 27001:2022 certification. 

“Information security is paramount within the immigration process because it involves handling sensitive and personal information about individuals and organizations. Achieving ISO 27001:2022 certification underscores Envoy’s commitment to safeguarding immigration and company data.” 

– Subhajit Deb, Envoy Global’s Chief Information Security Officer 

Why ISO 27001:2022 Matters for the Envoy Global 4.0 Platform 

The International Organization for Standardization (IOS) is an international non-governmental organization that brings together experts to share industry knowledge and support innovations that provide solutions to global information technology security risks and challenges. According to IOS, ISO/IEC 270001:2022 is the world’s best-known standard developed for information security management systems (ISMIS).  

The standard sets forth a comprehensive auditable framework for managing and protecting sensitive information through risk management processes, security controls and all “the best practices and principles enshrined in this International Standard” (ISO/IEC 27001:2022). Achieving this certification signifies a company’s commitment to maintaining the highest levels of information security. 

This certification attests that Envoy Global aligns with international best practices aimed at ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your team’s data. It’s a clear signal that we prioritize protecting sensitive immigration-related information. 

Trust Your Immigration Service Provider  

“Trust is key within the immigration process. Trust that your immigration and company data is protected throughout every step of the immigration journey. That’s why Envoy is continuously striving to find the best ways to safeguard company and employee data.” 

Mahi Inampudi, Envoy Global’s Chief Technology Officer 

Protecting your company’s and employee data is critical in today’s digital world, as any breach can have severe consequences for individuals and organizations alike.  

Envoy Global is committed to safeguarding sensitive information in the global immigration process. Contact us to see the Envoy 4.0 platform in action and how we keep your immigration-related data secure and safe. 

Learn How Envoy Global Protects Your Information and Data

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