Why You Need Technology To Manage Your Global Immigration Program

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Technology is an increasingly important tool for businesses to manage their global immigration programs.

Equipped with the right tools, employers can seamlessly manage all aspects of global immigration, from daily tasks to transparent communications with stakeholders.

With the press of a button, immigration technology can help global companies stay connected and be much less stressed.

Why is Immigration Technology Important?

Technology is more important to employers now than ever.

As Envoy’s 2022 Immigration Trends report shows, employers are resuming post-pandemic global mobility in earnest. Remote work is here to stay for many employers, adapting their work environments to conduct business in many new jurisdictions.

The changing immigration landscape is bringing new challenges and opportunities to employers, who need the ability to stay connected internally and with stakeholders.

Solve Your Connection Woes

The global immigration and work authorization process involves many stakeholders, from internal mobility teams to foreign nationals. Many employees and employers work in different countries and time zones, and mobility teams might understandably struggle to keep all stakeholders informed and connected.

With an immigration platform that provides a mobile application and integrates with popular tools such as ATS and HCM, HR teams now have a way to keep all stakeholders informed.

Whether a foreign national is in Canada and the hiring manager is in the U.S., a robust immigration platform allows you to monitor case status and communicate with all stakeholders. You can view all this information in one centralized location.

Manage Global Talent

In addition to managing employees across multiple jurisdictions, mobility teams now must navigate different immigration policies and systems that differ on a per-country basis.

The immigration systems of popular destinations, such as the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Singapore and Germany, to name a few, are continually updating and tweaking their policies. Managing work authorizations and immigration services may feel complex and disjointed.

Mobility teams should work with a service-oriented immigration provider with team members worldwide to help serve all countries and jurisdictions.

A dedicated, experienced and responsive team, combined with the best immigration platform in the world, will help HR teams seamlessly manage their global talent.

Why Use Envoy Global’s Platform?

It is now more critical than ever to be able to run an enterprise immigration program wherever the location of your office is. Envoy’s industry-leading technology helps you modernize and streamline your global immigration program.

Highlights of Envoy’s platform features that employees will appreciate:

  • Increased transparency into employee case statuses.
  • Centralized location for all communications between stakeholders.
  • Ability to determine work visa eligibility for prospective candidates.
  • Flexibility to manage an immigration program at any time from any place.

Ready to incorporate the best immigration platform in the world into your global immigration program? Let Envoy Global help take your global immigration program to the next level.

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