Meet Envoy Global’s Immigration Support Team

Last Updated on March 11, 2024

Envoy Global’s industry-leading immigration technology is a must-have for organizations of all sizes. But the technology is only one piece of our offering. The services team at Envoy Global works with HR and mobility teams to provide custom immigration program support and customer service.

Envoy Global is the only immigration services provider to offer dedicated support teams to organizations, regardless of the size of their mobility programs. Collectively, they make the immigration process much easier from start to finish, providing key benefits like data security, critical status updates and personalized attention.

Meet the teams who provide comprehensive immigration support for you and your employees.

Account Management (AM) Team

The Account Management team is the main point of contact for immigration and mobility professionals. This team works with professionals responsible for managing their company’s immigration program, which includes both U.S.-based and global immigration programs.

The AM team provides support to immigration specialists in various ways, including:

An important tool for the AM team includes Envoy’s in-app analytics feature. This tool empowers employers to monitor case status and types, assess expenditures related to cases and can be used to connect with the AM team for custom reporting requests.

Image of Envoy's platform's analytics center.
Envoy’s analytics tool can be used to track your foreign national population and their visa or permanent residence status.

Strategic Account Managers (SAMs)

SAMs are a crucial part of Envoy’s immigration support system. SAMs help your immigration program run smoothly and efficiently. They also try to anticipate in advance what your needs are to avoid fire drills and last-minute surprises.

SAMs assist with:

  • Strategic immigration and mobility program guidance
  • Escalations
  • Customized support
  • Metrics, benchmarking and policy feedback

The SAMs carry out the tasks above using Envoy’s workforce planner tool, which gives your team insight into employees’ future and current immigration needs like upcoming H-1B cap season cases, renewals and green card eligibility. The team also ensures that all required documentation is safely stored and managed through the platform’s compliance tool. This includes documents such as your company’s public access files and more.

Customer Experience Associates (CX)

Customer Experience Associates, or the CX team, supports sponsored employees.

The CX team helps in several ways, including:

  • Platform navigation
  • Answering non-legal U.S.-based questions
  • Opening dependent cases
  • Account access

Along with the tasks above, the Envoy CX team does much more.

The CX team uses the communication center to keep you and your employees updated on important announcements and changes. The communication center also enables multi-party correspondence on immigration matters.

Global Immigration Team

The Global Immigration Team strategically assists in multiple locations with regional headquarters worldwide. This team manages immigration cases globally and offers tailored and reliable services for clients in many different locations. The Global Immigration Team works with Global Account Managers (GAMs) to support your immigration program’s needs.

The Global Immigration Team assists with:

  • Immigration legal inquiries
  • Case strategy
  • Preparation and filings for non-U.S. inbound global immigration

    Envoy Global Platform - Canada
    The Global Deployment Tool helps employers maintain and manage a global workforce. Travel assessments can be created to see the most likely visa/permit for a business trip. Then, an expert review can be complete to determine the exact visa/permit needed for the destination country.


Along with those tasks, they do even more to help with your company’s immigration needs.

The Global team uses the global deployment tool to manage and maintain your global workforce. The tool can create custom travel assessments and gain an overview of common visa types in countries worldwide. The Global Team will then help determine the best-fit visa type for your specific employee.

Collectively, the immigration support teams at Envoy Global provide unparalleled service for your global mobility program, whether you’re scaling or seeking a solution to bring your existing mobility program to the next level.

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