How to Navigate Complex Immigration Processes

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Immigration is not a simple function that can just be added to HR’s full workload with the expectation of success. However, in HR, there is a delicate balance of priorities, and all too often one person, or a small team, is tasked with managing complex immigration processes, regardless of expertise or experience in the immigration field.

How to navigate complex immigration processes - challenges

Because so many organizations consider immigration an afterthought, that person or small team is expected to navigate immigration tasks while also managing other critical HR functions. It can be a lot for any department, let alone teams that are understaffed or overwhelmed.

And for larger HR teams with their eye on growing their global immigration and mobility program, the complex immigration processes abroad – the oft-changing policies in different countries, for example – can be overwhelming.

There are always plenty of immigration-related tasks that need to get done. HR is helping employees move from non-immigrant visas to green cards or enabling a global project get off the ground. All too often, HR struggles to deploy the efficient processes and technology they need for immigration to avoid disrupting critical work.

How to navigate complex immigration processes

How to navigate complex immigration processes - solutions

A certification in immigration management, working with efficient attorneys, and subscribing to updates from industry experts are essential steps in establishing a strong compliance-focused immigration program.

Get certified in immigration

In order to stay on top of immigration knowledge and protect your team against risk of non-compliance, team members can earn a certification in immigration management from SHRM or HRCI. Understanding how immigration works is the first step to solving issues before they arise.

Subscribe to industry updates

Stay tuned into the changes in immigration policy in the U.S. and around the world by following experts in the industry. Subscribe to immigration blog or set alerts for news from the USCIS to keep on top of current immigration changes.

Select efficient attorneys

Selecting an immigration attorney who is comfortable with your caseload, but can scale with your company and company needs during times of changing regulations and political uncertainty, is invaluable. Immigration management technology can establish open and effective lines of communication that can move your cases along as smoothly as possible.

To learn how to navigate more of your biggest immigration roadblocks, read our ebook, 10 Solutions to Corporate Immigration Challenges.