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Last Updated on March 11, 2024

As a founding member of the European Union and a diverse hub for industries ranging from technology to fashion, France is a compelling location for businesses seeking access to a rich and skilled talent pool. Partnering with an immigration service provider that prioritizes transparency, compliance and security is a key step to excelling in the French immigration market and the greater EU region.  

Envoy Global is excited to announce its latest expansion into France, strengthening our commitment to simplifying the immigration process for organizations worldwide. Our French team aims to provide organizations with tailored and efficient support for companies navigating the intricacies of immigration in France and the broader EU.  

I. France Immigration Process: Unlocking Opportunities With Envoy Global’s Guide

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With a dedicated team on the ground in France, we are equipped to help clients manage their employment-based immigration and HR functions on a global scale.


France offers an array of immigration options to attract foreign talent. Recent changes in French immigration regulations and programs, such as the French Tech Visa or the Schengen visa, have opened new avenues for businesses seeking to hire international employees. However, these developments also bring new complexities to France’s immigration process.  

Envoy Global’s team of immigration professionals deeply understands the country’s immigration landscape and France’s travel requirements. With over a decade of experience, the team will provide step-by-step overviews of French visas and work authorization types, assist with global immigration strategies and more. Here’s how our French Immigration Team can help you navigate the French immigration journey:  

II. Tailored Guidance: Seamless Assistance with the French Immigration Process

Screenshot of the Envoy platform communication center with a discussion about popular France immigration options.
Envoy’s in-app communication center streamlines the immigration process by connecting employers and employees with the Envoy Global team for information on work authorization and more.


Whether your company is expanding into France for the first time or incorporating an additional location into your growth strategy, Envoy Global’s French Immigration Team is here to create a strategy that aligns with your unique requirements.  

Our team will provide a detailed roadmap to help you identify your team’s appropriate French work authorization options. Moreover, they proactively track and address potential challenges that may arise during the French immigration process, such as giving insights into travel requirements for France and the EU or advising on future pathways for your team.  

In the domain of EU immigration, Envoy Global places a strong emphasis on information and data security. We hold certifications under the EU-U.S. privacy framework, which includes the UK Extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework and Swiss-U.S. DPF and more. These credentials underscore our commitment to upholding the highest data protection and compliance standards. In addition, this dedication is crucial due to the stringent data privacy regulations integral to EU immigration processes. 

By leveraging Envoy’s insights and robust immigration technology, you’ll establish a solid foundation for employees immigrating to France and place your organization on the path to success. 

III. French Immigration: Embrace Growth with Envoy Global and Unleash Your Potential  

France’s pro-business environment and commitment to fostering innovation make the country a prominent global economic hub. Envoy Global’s team of mobility and immigration professionals, combined with our platform, is uniquely positioned to assist companies of all sizes in seizing new opportunities in this flourishing landscape. 

To explore how Envoy’s French Immigration Team can help you leverage the benefits of France’s immigration system, contact us today.

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