How To Implement Digital Immigration Policies

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

The global immigration process continues to evolve across the globe with new digital immigration policies. Countries are simplifying immigration procedures and introducing measures to digitize their immigration processes.

Yet, it can be a challenge for HR teams and mobility professionals to remain up to date on continuously evolving digitization efforts and immigration policy changes while managing many other aspects of a mobility program.

To resolve these disjointed feelings, mobility teams and their companies should partner with global immigration service providers that have team members located worldwide to seamlessly serve all countries and jurisdictions where clients require support.

After all, exceptional service and robust technology are the future of immigration.

An Overview of Digital Immigration Procedures

In 2022, many countries introduced new digital systems and platforms to reduce immigration processing backlogs and delays in visa demand. Some of the most significant immigration changes involved digitizing entry procedures, document collections and the immigration application process.

Canada and Mexico introduced online services to aid travelers in completing custom procedures before arrival. Other authorities, such as those in the UK and the European Union, intend to introduce electronic entry authorization systems to automate entry procedures.

Countries have launched electronic passports and e-visas as a more secure, less expensive and faster method for issuing certain immigration-related documents. By 2026, the EU aims to launch a digitized Schengen visa application process.

Some countries are introducing electronic document options, establishing new systems and redefining the work atmosphere through digital work options. This includes procedures to electronically sign documents, new online employment services and the digitization of some work authorization types.

Electronic immigration documents and systems are increasingly popular across the globe. This trend will continue as more countries seek to streamline their immigration process.

Remaining informed of these changes will help ensure you stay compliant while creating opportunities to craft more efficient and time-effective relocation strategies.

How Envoy Global Can Improve Your Global Immigration Program

Envoy Global partners with you to manage and modernize your global immigration program. We help ensure the most up-to-date immigration methods are always available and implemented throughout the relocation process.

From the start, Envoy’s Global Immigration Team is the central point of contact during the immigration process. Envoy’s Global Team also provides greater transparency into upcoming policy changes.

Your company’s dedicated team tracks the implementation of new digital systems and changes to immigration processes in all countries across the globe. As a result, the team can help you capitalize on new procedures and digital methods.

Your dedicated team also tracks this information to provide comprehensive guidance on document formatting throughout the application process, including insight into digital document options. When it comes time to renew work permissions and immigration authorization, your team will provide guidance on digital renewal options, if available.

Ultimately, having a strong grasp of ever-changing policies can empower you and your employees to feel prepared for all aspects of the global immigration process.

Envoy’s Global Team will keep your mobility team informed on global policy changes, including the digitization of immigration processes. Learn how to help your company maintain an agile and innovative approach to moving talent around the globe.

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