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Last Updated on September 12, 2023

A member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), boasts one of the largest economies in the Middle East. As such, it may come as no surprise to learn that the UAE continues to grow as a popular location for temporary foreign national workers.  

For companies seeking to enter the markets of the Middle East, the UAE’s large expatriate population makes the country an attractive destination for hiring high-skilled talent and other employees in industries ranging from oil and gas, real estate, hospitality and tourism and more.  

To better assist employers interested in tapping into this talent pool, Envoy Global recently expanded its global footprint with the acquisition of Dubai-based Sesam Immigration. With over 20 years of immigration experience in the region, our newest in-country team is keen to help you and your company strategize your UAE immigration program goals in the Middle East. 

I. Exploring the Middle East: Envoy’s Go-To Guide for Business in the UAE

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The UAE’s large expatriate population makes the country an attractive destination for hiring high-skilled and low-skilled talent alike.


In the spring of 2022, the UAE introduced changes to its immigration permissions to better attract highly skilled workers to the country. These measures included introducing additional entry permit authorizations, creating a Job Exploration Entry Visa for foreign nationals seeking temporary work permissions and expanding permissions under the country’s business travel visa.  

More recently, the country continues to develop its well-known Golden Visa program to accommodate more foreign nationals and industry-specific employers by removing some sponsorship requirements.  

These changes have created a plethora of new employment opportunities for employers seeking to hire international talent in the country.  

But with so many new routes and conditions for global mobility managers to keep track of, it becomes more important to work with a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of the UAE’s immigration system. 

Envoy’s newest Global Immigration Team members have over 20 years of experience assisting clients in a number of sectors, including healthcare, technology, consumer goods and more in the UAE and the Middle East. Here’s how Envoy’s UAE Immigration Team can ensure you and your program is up for the task:  

II. Your Customized Guide to Success: Individualized Support to Navigate UAE Immigration with Ease  

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Thousands of immigration and mobility professionals rely on Envoy Global to strengthen their knowledge and guide their immigration programs.


Whether you’re opening your first office in the Middle East or the UAE is another stepping stone in your company’s growth plan, Envoy’s UAE Immigration Team is there to help customize a mobility strategy suited for your unique needs.  

Not only do we provide a step-by-step overview when it comes to planning your strategy and identifying appropriate work authorizations for your team, but our team also accounts for any pitfalls that may come up along the way.  

For instance, companies based in the UAE must meet specific government-regulated quotas on the number of foreign nationals to UAE nationals employed at a company. These requirements, known as Emiratization levels, often change quickly and hold strict penalties for any violations. Envoy’s UAE Immigration Team tracks any changes to Emiratization levels and more in order to ensure that your company is consistently compliant. 

The UAE Immigration Team can also advise on varying policies across the seven emirates making up the country. The UAE Immigration Team offers insights into employment options that meet the qualifications of an emirate “free zone” or in the mainland (business conducted both inside and outside of the UAE) or insight into potential sponsorship requirements for employers.  

The team will help to identify when an electronic visa serves as an option and ensure that any pre-arrival and post-exit procedures are fully completed on both the employee and employer end.  

By leveraging Envoy’s exclusive insights, services and robust immigration technology, you can establish a strong foundation for your immigration needs in the UAE and position your company for success.   

III. Expanding Possibilities: Let Envoy Assist in Your Organization’s Growth in the Middle East 

As the UAE grows its expatriate population and introduces new-business friendly immigration policies, it will continue to take the spotlight as a primary economic hub of the Middle East.  

Envoy’s team of mobility and immigration professionals and tailored platform are uniquely equipped to assist companies of all sizes in capitalizing on new relocation opportunities in the country.    

To further discover how Envoy’s UAE Immigration Team can help you leverage the benefits of the UAE immigration system, contact us today and learn more about the UAE’s pro-immigration work environment.

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