Secure your immigration data to stay compliant

Last Updated on August 23, 2023

Immigration managers are responsible for ensuring their employees’ immigration data and supporting documentation is stored securely and compliantly. Heightened regulations for data security in the U.S. and similar practices around the world (GDPR in Europe, for example) make immigration data security a top priority.

With increased data security regulations, it’s also necessary to establish which employees and personnel have access to what data and when. As regulatory changes impact storage compliance, you should also proactively reduce risk by assessing your data security by performing internal audits with your legal counsel.

How can technology help with security?

With a secure cloud-based immigration management platform, high-security measures can better protect the highly sensitive immigration data of your foreign national employees. Access and priority rules can be set universally and adjusted for individual data sets to allow access only to those who need it. Even in potential crisis situations, your data is secure.

All employee documents, profiles and case information can be stored within a secure, online, two-factor authentication platform. Relying on this high level of security allows HR professionals to compliantly access essential documents from anywhere, even while traveling, making immigration management on the go much easier and more secure.

Such technology is essential in times of crisis. If a foreign national employee has his or her luggage lost or is mugged while abroad, a secure immigration platform can allow your foreign national employee to access the necessary paperwork to ensure they can leave the country and re-enter the United States. Technology can provide a secure way to access essential documents from abroad.

Vital immigration information needs to be kept safe from intruders and accidents. An app-based platform with high-security measures and a documented emergency plan can help keep your information safe from natural disasters or other cyber security threats.

Envoy’s top security for immigration data

The Envoy Platform is based on Microsoft technologies and exists in the Microsoft Azure cloud. All user accounts are password protected, with the option of additional multi-factor authentication using encryption algorithms that meet or exceed minimum industry standards. All sensitive data is similarly encrypted within the database, which is regularly audited to ensure the highest levels of security.

All documents uploaded by users are placed in encrypted BLOB storage to provide an additional layer of security for your data. Employees only ever have access to their own data through the Envoy Immigration Management Platform – never anyone else’s. Only administrators can access data inside the platform.

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