How Technology Helps Employers Manage Immigration

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Regulatory changes in immigration-related government agencies and an unstable political climate have recently been the cause of anxiety for many businesses across the U.S. With immigration compliance in question, employers need to be able track and manage their workforce closer than ever. They need to know who will be impacted by sudden changes and how so they can create a plan quickly to stay in compliance. Technology helps employers manage immigration by making complicated, time-consuming processes more simple and seamless.

Track employee status

One problem HR departments have is keeping track of the status of all foreign nationals who work at the company – whether it’sa change in salary, job responsibilities or work location – so they can file the necessary paperwork to stay compliant. Employers need to keep up with the status of immigration petitions and cases and be in the know about any upcoming renewals, extensions or expirations or risk being noncompliant. Further, HR teams should also know about any changes in status for employees as they happen.

The right technology helps employers manage immigration by offering a company real-time access to the status of its workforce. With a centralized visa organizer and company dashboard, employers can track the status not only of visas and visa petitions, but they can have complete visibility into the workforce as a whole. And, a platform that offers notifications of renewal and submission deadlines can help employers stay on top of changes as they happen.

Accommodate for change

When a regulation change impacts certain visas, regions or foreign nationals from specific countries, employers need to know about it right away. The question about changes like these has been too frequent over the past year for companies to ignore the necessary steps to accommodate for change. Technology that includes features like company-level reporting, heat maps and country-of-origin reports enable employers to quickly pull accurate and immediate immigration data they need.

With these tools, it’s possible to see who is affected by immanent changes and make a plan for next steps.

Prioritizing is possible

Technology helps employers manage immigration - prioritizing is possible

Rather than facing every immigration task with the same level of chaotic urgency, HR departments need a way to organize action items and set priorities. Technology makes this possible by helping employers maximize their time. Tackling high-priority items first and seeing other lower-priority tasks all in one place makes it easier to maximize time spent on immigration.

And it makes the entire process, including communication with the team and attorneys, easier as well. Some employees have really lengthy immigration histories, so it’s much faster to allow attorneys to access all documents within a single, accessible location. Only documentation sharing and advanced communication platforms allow for this level of prioritization and efficiency.

Technology helps employers manage immigration

Envoy’s immigration management platform features game-changing visa organizers, document tools and company-level reporting features (including a heat map and employee countries of origin) to help employers manage cases and stay agile in times of shifting political tides.

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