Automated Immigration Management and Compliance

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Regulation changes not only make communication, tracking and immigration management more challenging. Changing immigration policies and practices can throw everything into a tailspin – from new editions of government forms requiring greater amounts of information and mandatory supporting documentation to mandatory in-person interviews and other requirements for individuals from specific countries. Automated immigration management can help keep you in compliance.

Manual processes are too slow

Automated Immigration Management - manual processes are too slow

As the leading regulatory agency in U.S. immigration, USCIS makes small changes often. If it’s not regulation changes or re-interpretations of existing policies, it’s changing evidentiary requirements or government filing addresses. With manual processes to manage it all, HR is left to disseminate and update their systems with painful delays and more chances for mistakes.

Automated immigration management helps prevent mistakes

Automated immigration management helps HR update all frameworks, templates and forms in the system with a click of a button. When there’s a change on the regulatory side, one click can save teams hours of extra work, make sure all information is correct and prevent the possibility of submitting an outdated or expired document resulting in costly delays.

Automation isn’t just helpful on the administrative end. Attorneys can benefit from automation by cutting out hours spent manually updating client forms. That time can be better spent personally reaching out to each client letting each organization know how regulatory changes may impact a particular case.

Envoy’s Smart Forms and Questionnaires

Envoy’s Smart Forms and Questionnaires

Through smart questionnaires and auto form population, Envoy is able to not only create efficiencies throughout the entire case processes, but mitigate the possibility of errors and improve data quality as well. Smart questionnaires pre-populate data that the platform already has access to, such as company info or employee profile information, reducing redundant work for both HR and the employee. Auto form population reduces the amount of time attorneys have to spend manually entering data into government forms – ensuring that forms are submitted not only faster, but with fewer errors – and fewer chances for Requests for Evidence (RFEs).

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