Poland: Business Harbor Program Expanded for More Nationalities

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Key Points

  • Belarusian nationals must have a technology related professional degree, and one year of relevant professional experience in the IT industry. If the Belarusian national is being sponsored by a Polish IT company that is participating in the Poland Business Harbor program, it is not necessary to demonstrate proof of education or professional experience.
  • Nationals of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine must be sponsored by a Polish IT company in order to be eligible for the Business Harbor program. These nationals do not need to have a relevant professional degree.
  • The Business Harbor program provides the opportunity to sponsor dependent spouses and children.


Poland’s Business Harbor program was introduced to alleviate the work permit and visa processing delays for Belarusian nationals looking to work in the IT industry within Poland. Nationals of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine are now eligible to apply for the program. The Business Harbor program allows the applicants to work without a work permit for the duration of stay. Also, the entry visa required is, on average, two-seven months faster than most other entry visa options for Poland.

Looking Ahead

It is expected that more countries will be added to this list and that newly eligible nationalities to be able to apply for the Business Harbor program without a sponsoring company.


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