Indonesia: 2024 Immigration Changes

Key Points 

  • Indonesia announced a number of changes for foreign national employees and their employers for 2024  


The government of Indonesia introduced several changes for 2024. These changes include the following:  

  • Limited Stay Permit (ITAS): foreign nationals with a one-year permit can only submit extension applications 30 days before expiration, and those with permits exceeding one year must submit extensions three months in advance. 
  •  Previously, applicants could submit earlier. All extension applications must be submitted before the permit expires.   
  • Updates on single-entry and multiple-entry visit visas: foreign nationals entering for pre-investment or apprenticeship can now extend their Visit Visa for 180 days (previously 60 days) up to 12 months. For government duties or work probation, the extension is now 60 days (previously 30 days) within the same 12-month period. Multiple-Entry Visit Visa holders conducting similar activities can also extend for 180 days or 60 days, depending on their purpose. Regular business activities still allow two extensions, each for 60 days, up to a maximum of 180 days stay.  
  • Job vacancy reporting: Employers are now required to job vacancies via the Ministry of Manpower’s online portal. The report must include the job title, number of workers needed, required skills, offered salary, and job location. Employers are also required to update the portal once the position is filled. 

Looking Ahead  

Continue to check the government of Indonesia’s website and Envoy Global’s website for the latest updates and information.  

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