Winning the Global War for Talent with Mobility Solutions Tools

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

As globalization continues to impact large and small companies, many are competing for talent in new markets. To help the business compete, human resources departments need to modernize processes with self-service mobility solutions tools to allow foreign workers to know where they stand in the visa process.

Talent Mobility is Rapidly Changing

Previously, talent mobility referred to career mobility. Talent mobility refers to business beyond borders. Skilled talent believes mobility is about taking the best opportunity, no matter its location. Today, more than ever, employees are looking for careers that are rewarding and interesting. 

From an organizational perspective, this means companies are placing an increased emphasis on agility, or the ability to enter and compete in new markets by leveraging the best talent available. However, ever-changing immigration regulations complicate matters for human resources and their ability to find talented employees to fill key roles in organizations. 

Therefore, companies are finding out that they can no longer attract and retain employees with a promise of “competitive benefits” or other generic promises. With the U.S. talent pool drying up, companies instead must court talent by offering positive experiences for employees and candidates. These gestures may include helping new hires secure work visas or assisting in relocating them to work overseas. 

As such, HR needs to think about mobility not just internally, but globally as well. Today, HR departments should devise and execute mobility strategies. Doing so will enable a more agile workforce as well as uniquely retain and leverage top quality talent. See how you can make the case for change. Read our Global Workforce Essentials eBook to learn more.

Mobility Solutions: How to Stand Out

Traditional recruitment strategies aren’t as adaptive to the changing needs of talent nowadays.  Employees don’t want to be left in the dark if they have immigration concerns or anxieties or are awaiting work sponsorship to move to an overseas office. Organizations will consistently lose out on top talent if they don't address the needs of a modern mobile workforce.

The companies that stand out deliver stellar experiences do so by:

  • Addressing immigration issues
  • Providing transparency to their employees
  • Ensuring the entire immigration or relocation process is executed smoothly

Oftentimes, this solution requires technology. Best-in-class companies today have adopted some form of immigration management or global mobility platform to manage their workforce.

Why Companies Need Mobility Solutions 

Technology is key to ensure mobility solutions are streamlined and produce consistent results. Talent leaders need to leverage modern immigration management and mobility technology to help evolve and scale to their business needs. Technology needs to allow foreign workers and expats to know where they stand in the visa process in order to provide a positive and smooth employee experience.  

Learn more on how to win the global war for talent with mobility solutions tools. Download and read the report from Envoy Global and IDC.