How Envoy is Helping Companies Nearshore Workers to Mexico

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

In 2023, Mexico has emerged as a top destination for employers looking to nearshore high-skilled foreign workers who cannot secure a U.S. visa. The competition for temporary work visas such as the H-1B remains high. As such, top employers seek to retain their foreign STEM talent through nearshoring to Mexico.  

For global mobility professionals, exploring nearshoring options for immigrant employees can be an arduous task to tackle internally. Hiring or relocating workers to Mexico presents several immigration challenges, but Envoy Global’s platform and services make it simple to explore these new opportunities. 

Here’s how Envoy helps companies proactively adapt their global immigration program to capitalize on nearshoring options in Mexico. 

I. Nearshoring to Mexico: Discover New Immigration Opportunities for Your Employees 

Mexico skyline with country flag on the left hand corner. In the middle appears a white search bar with the text immigration options in Mexico.
To explore and capitalize on nearshoring opportunities in Mexico, Envoy provides concise and transparent information on the country’s immigration processes.

The most common visa for foreign professionals in Mexico is the Temporary Resident Visa, which permits a stay of six months or more. Generally, the application process takes about one to four months, meaning applicants benefit from faster procedures. After four years, foreign nationals may also be eligible to seek Permanent Residency. 

Another option is Mexico’s remote work visa. According to Envoy’s 2023 Immigration Trends Report, 84% of U.S. employers are exploring or already hiring employees on remote work visas to avoid undergoing the employment-based sponsorship process in the U.S. 

It can be challenging for busy global mobility professionals to remain current on Mexico’s immigration options. That’s why Envoy’s Americas Immigration Team translates the relevant options in Mexico to make it easy for global mobility professionals to evaluate their choices.  

II. A Toolbox Crafted for You: Relocation Opportunities in Mexico Customized for Your Employees


Employee relocation and immigration requests happen fast, so global mobility professionals need quick and effective solutions. Enter Envoy’s Global Deployment tool.

By providing just a few details on an employee and their role, Envoy’s Americas Immigration team delivers custom immigration assessments (including options, next steps and cost) within hours through our platform.

Equipped with these insights, global mobility professionals can effectively make the best relocation choices for their employees and company. For instance, during the H-1B cap lottery, obtaining these immigration assessments offers a viable backup plan to move rejected foreign employees to Mexico.

III. A Seamless Transition: Let Envoy Handle Your Employees Relocation to Mexico 

Mexico will continue to be an emerging destination for companies to hire and relocate foreign talent, given its favorable immigration policies, proximity to the U.S. market, growing tech infrastructure and ideal remote work location. Like any new initiative, exploring and executing nearshoring immigration opportunities in Mexico requires accurate information and a diligent partner.  

Envoy’s Americas Immigration Team proactively tracks visa renewals and offers insights into permanent relocation options for employees. These insights make it easier for global mobility professionals to manage employees working in Mexico, and the rest of Latin America.  

Additionally, for organizations with offices in other global locations, our team collaborates proactively with regional teams to develop strategies and ensure a seamless employee experience. 

Ready to explore and capitalize on nearshoring options in Mexico? Let Envoy Global help you. Visit our Global Immigration Services page now to learn more. 

By Finn Reynolds (Communications Specialist, Govt. Data & Policy) and Jessie Butchley (Global Immigration Writer)

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