How Envoy is Helping Companies Tap into the UK’s Graduate Student Worker Population

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

In May 2022, the U.K. launched its newest immigration option to attract top talent from around the world: the High Potential Individual (HPI) visa. The HPI visa targets graduates from 50 universities worldwide. These universities include Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, Duke and 16 other highly-ranked universities in the U.S.  

This new visa is geared heavily toward foreign graduates in the U.S. because they often experience difficulties securing a visa, like the H-1B after their F-1 OPT, or STEM OPT, work authorization expires.  

The HPI visa offers companies operating in the U.K. a valuable new opportunity to acquire foreign talent through a straightforward process, with multiple advantages over employer-sponsored immigration alternatives in the U.S. and U.K. 

Envoy’s U.K. Immigration Team can help companies worldwide leverage the HPI to hire or relocate employees to the U.K. effortlessly. Here’s how Envoy guides you through the process: 

I. Explore the HPI Visa: A Competitive Edge for Your Business 

UK flag as a background and UK country outline as an overlay in white and the title "high potential individual visa".
The HPI is still a new immigration option. Global mobility professionals may question where it stands compared to other immigration options in the U.K.


As a leading center for industries like tech and finance, the U.K. is a crucial target for global mobility professionals trying to land top talent. The HPI offers a valuable edge for talent acquisition, given its multiple advantages compared to other immigration options.

First, hiring or relocating an employee on an HPI visa generally requires fewer company resources than going through the U.K.’s employer-sponsored license. The HPI visa may also be ideal for filling entry- and mid-level roles with top talent. Envoy’s legal team can assist with evaluating whether this option is suitable for both you and your employees. 

The visa has a validity period of two years, and all applicants must have received their degree from a leading global university within the past five years. 

Over 144,000 international students are currently attending U.S. universities that qualify for the HPI. Many of these students will be eligible for one to three years of work authorization in the U.S. on the F-1 OPT and STEM OPT programs. However, the path stops there for most foreign graduates. There is less than an 18% chance of obtaining an H-1B visa – the predominant immigration option for high-skilled workers in the U.S.  

Global mobility professionals know it’s crucial to have multiple options and contingency plans for their employees. That’s why our team actively partners with regional teams to develop strategic solutions and ensure a seamless employee experience for organizations with global office locations.  

Envoy simplifies your planning process and tailors the full menu of immigration options in the U.K. and beyond, so you can confidently make decisions.  

II. Move Forward with Confidence: Personalized Immigration Service for a Streamlined Move to the U.K.

UK - Envoy Global Deployment Tool and Communication Center
Use Envoy’s Global Deployment Tool to determine the exact visa or permit needed for the destination country.


Envoy considers your company’s unique needs and helps you assess the full range of U.K. immigration options for your employees. 

Envoy’s U.K. Immigration Team creates tailored immigration assessments for each employee and new hire, delivering detailed, step-by-step guidance on every immigration option.  

Your personalized immigration assessments include everything you need to make informed decisions for your employees – from a tailored selection of work permits, cost projections, timeline estimates and more. 

After considering all the available immigration options, Envoy’s U.K. Immigration team will work with your employees to manage the immigration process quickly and efficiently while delivering transparent updates.   

III. Plan Beyond: Maximize your Opportunities in the U.K. with Envoy’s Comprehensive Immigration Services  

Capitalizing on new immigration opportunities like the HPI visa can give your company a significant advantage in talent acquisition. Envoy’s U.K. Immigration Team makes that process easy for you and your employees, but our services go far beyond that. We cover work and residence authorization, visa support, program support and more.  

Busy global mobility professionals know that connectivity is critical for a company’s immigration program. From empowering you with the technology to organize your workforce to diligently supporting your employees, Envoy’s immigration service is the comprehensive toolbox for your company’s global immigration program.  

Want to learn more about how Envoy Global helps top companies navigate new immigration opportunities in the U.K.? Check out our Global Immigration Services page 

By Finn Reynolds (Communications Specialist, Govt. Data & Policy) and Jessie Butchley (Global Immigration Writer)

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