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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

In a welcoming sign to global mobility professionals everywhere, Ireland is transitioning toward a fully digital immigration system.  

In recent years, top global corporations have increased their footprint in Ireland, emerging as a crucial entry point into the European Union (EU) market. Ireland’s tax, regulatory and immigration rules make it a favorable destination for growing a business and relocating top talent.   

While many global mobility professionals are familiar with the immigration process in Ireland, the country’s procedures are constantly evolving. As of June 2022, the system is modernizing to streamline Ireland’s employment permit system to better compete for global talent and to fill labor shortages.  

These changes mean Ireland will continue to grow as a favorable destination for global talent. Here’s how Envoy Global helps companies proactively adapt their global immigration program to capitalize on new opportunities in Ireland. 

I. Stay Ahead of the Game: Explore the New Business Opportunities Behind Ireland’s Ireland Immigration Digital Reforms

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Thousands of immigration and mobility professionals rely on Envoy Global to strengthen their knowledge and guide their immigration programs.


Are you looking to transfer an employee into the EU market? Or do you need a short-term work permit to facilitate a business trip? Envoy’s Ireland Immigration Team can help you identify the best options for your needs. 

Ireland offers a variety of immigration routes specifically designed for the recruitment of highly skilled talent. The options range from the General Employment Permit for non-European Economic Area nationals to the Critical Skills Employment Permit for highly skilled workers in sectors like technology and engineering. 

The country’s recent efforts to modernize its immigration system now make it easier for employers to submit work permit applications digitally. With so many new digital options for global mobility professionals to explore, having a technology-focused immigration partner is crucial to navigating Ireland’s evolving system. 

II. Make Informed Decisions: Review Personalized Relocation and Business Travel Assessments to Ireland 


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Use Envoy’s Global Assessment tool to determine qualifications for various visa and work authorization types.


Picture this: your organization is building a strategic partnership with a company in Ireland, and you need to facilitate the temporary transfer of key personnel. The team transferring to Ireland is a diverse group of employees from your U.S., EU and Canada offices.  

That’s a lot on your plate, so let Envoy set the table for you with personalized relocation assessments for each applicable employee. With our immigration assessments, you get the complete picture of work permit options, cost visibilities and timeline estimates based on the specific needs and backgrounds of your employees and your organization.  

You require comprehensive support as a busy global mobility professional with demanding deadlines. That’s why Envoy’s Ireland immigration team presents you with every available pathway for your program.  

Our team prioritizes transparency and diligence to equip you with the most relevant considerations throughout your decision-making process. We communicate every essential detail – from identifying labor market test requirements to guiding you through employment ratios and salary requirements – and everything in between. 

This transparency empowers you to assess your organization’s best options and greenlight essential relocations to Ireland and the broader EU market.  

III. Green Light to Ireland: Let Envoy Streamline the Relocation Process for Your Organization

The macroenvironment in Ireland is rich with opportunities for global mobility professionals, as the country increased its immigrant population by 85% in 2022.  

Alongside its shift to a digital system, Ireland is an exciting destination for corporate immigration and talent relocation opportunities. The country’s business-friendly offerings – like its low corporate tax rate and proximity to the EU market – position Ireland as an increasingly attractive location for global talent.  

Envoy offers enhanced insights into the country’s immigration process, so you are equipped with the comprehensive support needed to lead your organization through immigration and relocation efforts in Ireland.  

Ready to learn more about the evolving digital immigration system in Ireland? Reach out to Envoy Global to learn about the opportunities for your company.

By Finn Reynolds (Communications Specialist, Govt. Data & Policy) and Jessie Butchley (Global Immigration Writer)

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