Growing Global Talent: How to Make the Case 

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Get the right people in the right place – with the right skills, and at the right time – at the right price: that is how an HR professional really adds value to the organization. Growing global talent, however, adds another layer of value, too.

It’s complex, and it’s certainly not a straight and narrow path to get there successfully, but president of Unbridled Talent, Jennifer McClure, believes it’s the brightest beacon of light for successful HR pros.

If you deliver on that, says McClure, you’ll always have a seat at the strategic table – something HR and recruiting professionals often miss out on.

Growing Global Talent

The problem? Well, there are a couple.

First, qualified talent can’t always be found in our backyards anymore. The competition for global talent is extremely high, as are the gaps in skills at home and the abundance of international candidates. Knowing this is one thing. Reaching beyond national borders – and inviting in all the complications that come with that – is quite another.

The second problem is that leadership often needs a little convincing. Going global (so that you can succeed at your one main task) doesn’t come without its investment, and that can be a put-off for the higher-ups in your organization who don’t understand the value of a global workforce.

Solving these problems starts with getting organized.

McClure advises that HR pros should incorporate global talent by establishing processes first. Make sure your process is efficient and effective, and you should have no problem with step two.

The next step is to sell the value to leadership. If you have set up your processes – and you’ve also done your diligent research as to why you need to think more globally – this will be a lot easier.

Then, It’s just about finding the right partners – attorneys, experts, technological tools – to put your processes into action with compliance and efficiency in mind.

See? Making HR a global strategic powerhouse is easy.

Read Jennifer McClure’s entire opinion on the matter in her section of the Global Workforce Essentials ebook.