Here’s How Envoy Can Help Companies Explore High-Skilled Immigration in Canada

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

Canada is leading the charge in the global competition for talent, as it plans to invite over 300,000 new high-skilled immigrants to its shores in the next three years. As persistent immigration barriers in the U.S. choke off access to foreign talent, companies in the U.S. – and across the globe – will continue to shift their recruitment efforts to the growing talent pool in Canada.  

Companies already view Canada’s immigration system as better and more efficient than the U.S. For global mobility professionals, expanding immigration options in Canada offer new opportunities in the country’s rapidly growing tech sector.  

Here’s how Envoy Global equips you with the tools to capitalize on Canada’s immigration opportunities in the new tech talent rush.  

I. The New Tech Talent Rush: Discover How to Capitalize on Expanded Immigration Options in Canada 

A Snapshot of Canada's top 12 tech cities and their immigration population size.
A snapshot of Canada’s top 12 tech cities and their immigrant population size.

In September 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reported that nearly 500,000 immigrants working in Canada have training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. But from Canada’s perspective, this isn’t enough.  

The country continues to take proactive steps towards attracting top global talent by expanding the list of occupations eligible under the country’s Global Talent Stream (GTS), redefining eligibility under provincial immigration programs and simplifying the application process 

Policy changes are happening quickly in Canada’s efforts to attract top global talent. That’s why Envoy’s Canadian immigration team simplifies and streamlines the information that you need to make the best decisions for your organization.    

II. Your Personalized Immigration Menu: Relocation Assessments to Canada Individualized for Your Employees

Envoy Global Platform - Canada
Use Envoy’s Global Deployment Tool to determine the exact visa or permit needed for the destination country.

Are you Googling “Canadian Immigration” for information? There’s a lot of clutter that isn’t easy to navigate.  

Envoy’s Canadian Immigration Team saves you time and resources by assessing your company’s distinct needs and delivering the full range of immigration pathways for your employees.  

With a personalized immigration assessment, Envoy provides you with a full menu of immigration options, cost visibilities and timeline estimates based on the specific needs of your employees and organization.  

Our experienced team works with you to execute your company’s immigration strategy in Canada. The team can help provide insight into labor market test requirements, calculate point allocations for an employee applying under an Express Entry pathway and more.  

III. An Easy Go-Ahead: Let Envoy Manage Your Company’s Relocations to Canada


Canada anticipates that immigration will soon drive the country’s labor force growth. As a result, employers looking for new markets with favorable immigration options for top talent should consider Canada in 2023 and beyond.  

Envoy tailors its service approach to provide you with every tool you need throughout the Canadian immigration process, delivering on the unique needs of your employees and organization. 

With the immigration process covered, your employees will be ready to start work in Canada confidently and quickly. Meanwhile, you will have peace of mind knowing that Envoy will proactively track and monitor your immigration program in Canada.  

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By Finn Reynolds and Jessie Butchley

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