Envoy Launches New Global Immigration Case Management Platform

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Today, Envoy launched the first-of-its-kind Global Immigration Case Management Platform to streamline the complex global work-authorization process. This new platform expands Envoy’s outbound immigration service by automating the application process for securing work authorization in every country. The platform leverages tracking and management tools to better ensure global worker compliance, a centralized document exchange with multi-factor authentication for data-security and integrated communication between in-country experts, employers and employees.

“This Global Case Management release marks an important breakthrough for us. We began in 1998 with a mission to simplify and expedite the U.S. immigration process, but today our customers’ problems are more complex and need an end-to-end global workforce management solution,” explains Dick Burke, President and CEO of Envoy.  “With this release we were able to not only meet this need but also lay the technical infrastructure for a suite of reporting and compliance tools that will have particular value in today’s environment.”

According to an Envoy survey conducted with Harris Poll, 59 percent of employers expect their demand for non-U.S. work authorization and/or business visas to increase during the next year. Additionally, 60 percent of employers surveyed experience compliance challenges in meeting this demand, with just under half (44%) saying differing regulations in each destination country are their biggest hindrance and 39 percent challenged with maintaining accurate records.

“In order to ensure their long-term success, businesses are thinking more strategically about mobilizing and deploying their talent across borders. But, with the political environment around the world, we are entering an era of increased scrutiny. Risk and compliance in the global space are forcing companies to put even more of a concerted effort toward managing their global immigration and mobility programs efficiently,” said Sarah Maxwell, head of global immigration at Envoy.

Envoy’s Global Case Management Platform provides:

  • Knowledge of each country’s unique policies through a smart application customized to country regulations, project details and employee data.
  • Complete centralization for documentation and communication between all stakeholders such as a company’s global mobility and HR teams, employees and in-country experts and attorneys.
  • Transparency and compliance tools to gain peace of mind that your employees have the appropriate and current work authorization with automated renewals, expiration notifications, and employee tracking dashboards.
  • Top security measures to ensure that information and documents are safe.

“We looked at the data, listened to our customers and recognized the growing demand companies have for a mobile workforce – whether they are transferring an executive to South Africa to open a new office, or sending an engineer to a client site in Australia to perform short-term project work – and the role technology can play in improving the experience,” said Maxwell. “Envoy’s Global Case Management Platform is the next step to ensuring leaders have the right talent resource in the right place at the right time with compliant authorization to meet their business goals.”

For more information, please visit www.envoyglobal.com/global

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