Current DOL PERM & Prevailing Wage Processing Updates

Last Updated on February 22, 2024

NOTE:  This article has been updated to provide the latest information on PERM and PWD processing times available from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).    

Current PERM and PWD Processing Times 

  • The DOL has updated prevailing wage determination (PWD) and permanent labor certification (PERM) processing times.             

What are the Latest PERM Processing Times?      

As of Jan. 31, 2024, the DOL was adjudicating PERM applications filed in or before January 2023. The agency was conducting audit reviews for PERM applications filed in or before December 2022 and reviewing requests for reconsideration filed in or before March 2023.        

The average PERM processing time was 393 days for adjudication, which is a month longer than last month. The average PERM processing time for audit review was 480 days, which is 24 days less than in December 2023. 

What are the Latest PWD Processing Times?  

As of Jan. 31, 2024, the DOL was processing PERM-based PWD requests filed in July 2023 for determinations based on DOL wage data and February 2023 for determinations based on other submitted wage sources.  The DOL was processing PERM-based PWD redetermination requests for cases filed in June 2023 and earlier.    

Looking Ahead 

This article is updated monthly to reflect updates to PERM and PWD processing times.  Please visit the DOL’s website for additional information.      

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