Three Ways Envoy Can Simplify Your Global Immigration Program

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

A robust and consistent corporate immigration strategy is crucial for coordinating and expanding a company’s global footprint and streamlining the talent acquisition process. Every organization has unique needs when it comes to international talent.

Outlining the process for filling these distinctive needs keeps all stakeholders informed and adaptable throughout a company’s growth process.

Immigration technology and a dedicated team are crucial to ensuring efficiency and creating a transparent corporate immigration strategy. From addressing various global immigration procedures to tracking foreign national numbers, technology can help a company remain compliant and ahead of the curve.

Here are three ways you can simplify your global immigration program.

Identify and Determine Growth Options

The first step to establishing an internal immigration strategy includes identifying current and prospective employment locations. During this process, mobility teams can explore the work authorization options in a particular area. From there, mobility teams should define which authorization options will be available for potential employees during their recruitment process.

Envoy simplifies this step by offering insights into immigration procedures and common work authorization options across the globe. The Envoy Global team can help you strategize relocation options based on your company’s case data, overall recruitment capacity, budget and intended locations.

Establish Preferences and Policy Guidelines

Once companies make these determinations, they can establish their internal requirements and preferences for employing foreign talent. The internal preferences will serve as a guideline for all stakeholders involved.

Preferences may differ based on your company’s immigration budgets, talent needs and overall business goals. This part of the strategy may include defining the following:

  • Sponsorship requirements.
  • Wage and salary requirements.
  • Preference for renewing work authorizations.
  • Budget limits and who handles processing charges, including the possibility of dependent cases.

Your dedicated Envoy Global team works with you to determine how to handle these matters during the onboarding process. Having a well-defined strategy from the start allows all internal and external stakeholders to remain informed and supports consistency.

Stay Innovative and Adaptable

You’ll also want to ensure that your corporate immigration strategy evolves to handle new challenges to remain competitive.

The Envoy platform allows stakeholders to gain insights into all steps of an application. It can even reduce redundant data entries by retrieving information automatically from prior cases or user profiles.

Employers can also request custom reports from the Envoy platform. These reports will provide employers with detailed insights into casework and workflow matters. From there, employers can refine their corporate immigration strategy and continue to develop their foreign national employee’s employment experience.

Next Steps

Ensure that a dedicated team and a robust immigration technology platform are part of your corporate immigration strategy. These will help you create an effective immigration program that provides your employees with a positive experience throughout the global immigration process.

If you’re ready to simplify your global immigration program in the new year, reach out to Envoy Global. Our team and technology will help you organize and streamline every aspect of your immigration and mobility process.

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