Immigration Technology Can Help Answer Complicated Questions

Last Updated on February 23, 2023


Without the help of immigration technology, immigration is complicated. Organizations around the world experience common challenges, such as:

  • Spending an exorbitant amount of money on lawyer fees that may fluctuate monthly
  • Waiting for cases to process
  • Not meeting compliance standards
  • Trying to field complicated immigration questions

Instead of reacting to these pain points, companies can take a proactive approach and invest in their immigration program. Specifically, companies can invest in technology to mitigate pain points, particularly when it comes to immigration knowledge.  

Immigration technology can reduce the need to be an immigration expert. Here’s how:


Human resources and company executives shouldn’t have to learn the intricate ins and outs of immigration law to hire international talent. With immigration technology, the days of needing to become an immigration expert are over. 

With technology, HR and other executives can access expert knowledge and support in just a few clicks. This process is more streamlined and allows employees to get correct answers to their questions. Technology upends the traditional immigration management model because companies don’t have to rely on attorneys to explain complex laws.

Case Specialist

When HR manages immigration cases, they’re often asked questions they may not know the answers to. Typically, employees require customized help that’s not legal advice. Worse, trying to get answers from large firms may not lead to answers in the way or time that’s needed. 

As with education, immigration technology offers dedicated support. Case specialists can be reached through a cloud-based app and they will provide specialized attention for cases and employee needs.

Centralized Management

Without the right tools, companies will struggle to build an immigration program. More so, hiring managers from various departments, HR, attorneys, and employees all need to sync together in order to manage cases, and the result can sometimes be chaotic. 

With immigration technology, organizations can save everyone frustration by using a centralized technology platform to easily manage immigration cases.

Real-Time Alerts

It can be difficult to keep track of essential filing and renewal dates. Traditionally, HR keeps track of dates with an Excel spreadsheet. Having to remember to update a spreadsheet is a time consuming and limiting process. 

Immigration technology is the opposite. Real-time alerts keep HR informed of important deadlines, and allow companies to better manage filing and renewal dates. 

Comparing traditional immigration management to immigration technology resembles comparing apples to oranges. Organizations that switch to technology can help provide education resources, centralized management, dedicated support and real-time alerts. These benefits, simply put, are game changing.

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