How To Avoid Immigration Management Risks

Last Updated on February 23, 2023


In the world of immigration management, technology can help reduce the risks that human resources might encounter. But many HR departments are unsure of what those risks are. By identifying the following areas, HR can lean on technology to reduce the risks that come with immigration management.

Risk No. 1: Global Workforce Tracking

Many HR departments have difficulty keeping track of the status of sponsored employees who work at the company. Whether it’s a change in salary or work location, HR must tracks many factors in order to stay compliant.  

Employers need to stay updated regarding the status of immigration petitions and pending statuses. Failing to keep tabs on these moving parts may lead to severe business consequences at the national and global levels and can devastate employees and their families.

Risk No. 2: Public Access Files Compliance 

In the past, organizations had to store public access files (PAFs) as physical paper files. Without warning, officers from USCIS’s Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate or the DOL can visit a workplace and request to see the employer’s PAFs. Often they ask to view PAFs from prior years or files that relate back to employees no longer with your company.

Relying on physical paper files poses an immediate danger for a few reasons. First of all, companies maybe have misplaced some PAFs over the years. Or worse, no one in the company knows where the file cabinet with the PAFs is even located.  

Luckily, the rules have changed and employers are now permitted to store PAFs digitally. It’s therefore even more critical to store documents safety and securely to ensure they can be easily accessed. It’s important that each office of your company has a plan regarding who will access these files and under what circumstances.  

Risk No. 3: App-Updated Forms 

Immigration forms need to be updated when they’re relevant. It can be risky, however, to rely on email updates from attorneys for every procedural change a company might miss. 

How Technology Reduces Immigration Management Risk 

Technology helps employers with regards to global workforce tracking, planning strategically and compliance.  

Immigration management technology, such as the robust Envoy Global Platform, can help human resources establish open lines of communication to successfully maintain their global workforce. If any issues arise, employees will have a direct line of communication to legal experts. Furthermore, they’ll also have access to mobile documents to cross borders with confidence. 

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