How Immigration Technology Helps Save Time

Last Updated on February 23, 2023


If your company hasn’t yet invested in immigration technology, there are a few negative consequences you’re probably experiencing:

  • You might be wasting money on exorbitant firm fees that fluctuate from month to month and wreak havoc on your HR budget
  • Your cases may take too long to process, and your team is spending their days gathering documentation, trying to reach attorneys, or researching immigration policies themselves. Timelines for different cases vary, making it difficult to set expectations across departments
  • There are risks to mishandling immigration. Without proper visibility or accuracy in document storage and other immigration practices, you could be out of compliance
  • You may be trying to field questions about complicated immigration issues that you just can’t answer – or you get answers but struggle to decipher them

The investment in an immigration program at your company should be about seeing strategic returns. Immigration technology helps mitigate these four problems. With the right technology, your ROI can truly be net positive – not only saving you time and resources but setting you up with an immigration program that is a strategic driver for talent growth.

How Can Immigration Technology Help Bring Time and Resources Back into Your Day?

When companies adopt immigration technology, they are making themselves more efficient and positioning themselves to save time and resources. There are a few notable benefits that come with using immigration technology.

Automated Agility

Immigration policies and regulations are constantly being debated and updated. If a regulation does change, organizations might submit outdated information, and this might lead to costly delays.

But with immigration technology implemented, HR can update processes, forms and templates with a few clicks of a button, saving hours of work while ensuring complete accuracy.

HR will also benefit from immigration-specific tools that help reduce redundant work. For instance, automated tools such as smart questionnaires will pre-populate data the immigration technology platform already has access to. For example, technology can help companies automate almost 90 percent of the process for the highly demanded H-1B visa.

But automation isn’t just helpful on the administrative side. Attorneys benefit from automated visa processing by reducing the hours they would otherwise spend updating client forms. And with the time saved from pre-populated forms, attorneys may have more time to spend with employers and employees.

Better Accessibility

Companies expect near-instant accessibility and immigration technology offers just that. Cloud-based capabilities allow HR to securely access documents and information from just about anywhere, whether at the office or away from the computer

In addition, employees feel empowered because they can upload documents, check in on the status of their case and send messages, even from a mobile device.

Real-Time Reporting

Collecting data can be a cumbersome process that may not be accurate. Additionally, time adds up when HR or executives need to compile, present and visualize reports.

Luckily, immigration technology can find and present company-wide immigration data in real-time. Combined with user-friendly visuals, key decision makers can have visibility into the state of immigration at their company in seconds.

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