What It Takes to Build a Global Workforce: A Bloomberg Study

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

As the demand for talent surpasses supply, seventy-seven percent of employers believe that having a global workforce is extremely important to filling the increasing skills gap.

The result? Companies are looking beyond their own borders, and HR is tasked with building the in-demand global workforce of today.

Download the Bloomberg-published white paper, Up Against Barriers: What it Takes to Build a Global Workforce, to read how HR can get a handle on the strategy involved in global talent management and mobility. You’ll learn:

  • Difficulties globalizing and mobilizing employees that you may not have considered
  • Efficient processes that aid the strategic development a global workforce
  • Opportunities that result from a globally mobilized workforce

Learn what you need to find the right global talent for the right jobs at your organization.


Sarah Maxwell

Sarah Maxwell, a licensed attorney, is the head of global immigration at Envoy. Her experience includes handling corporate and employment-based immigration law, particularly in developing and executing global immigration policies for Fortune 500 companies. She has counseled multinational corporations on the movement of personnel across the globe and facilitated the assignment of expatriates to the EMEA and APAC regions, as well as the Americas. She also has provided training, functional direction and insight to recruiters and hiring managers to help them transfer personnel at the global level.

Jamie Gilpin

Jamie Gilpin

Chief Marketing Officer & Workforce Analyst, Envoy Jamie, a veteran to the HR technology industry, brings over 15 years of sales, marketing, and branding experience to Envoy. As CMO, she plays a key role in driving a powerful brand for Envoy that represents its dedication to providing education, support, unparalleled value and a better experience overall for both businesses and employees navigating through the immigration process. Prior to Envoy, Gilpin was the vice president of marketing at CareerBuilder where she studied the relationships between job seekers and employers for over a decade and became passionate about solving the skills gap. Jamie has presented on the skills gap, workforce trends, HR, big data, technology and employment branding appearing at conferences and in the media including SHRM Talent Management, SBA Small Business Week, Evanta HR Leadership Summits, Illinois Technical Association, WGN, ERE, SHRM, and more.