Three Pioneering Immigrants in Healthcare

Last Updated on August 24, 2023

Immigrants have had a large impact in multiple industries, one of the most important being healthcare

On an economic scale, immigrant households contribute approximately $405 billion in local, state and federal taxes. Healthcare is a vast industry, from the technology utilized by hospitals and surgery centers, to the doctors and scientists performing groundbreaking research. In this blog article, the Envoy INSIGHTS team sheds light on a few prominent immigrants who have made an impact in healthcare.

Three immigrants changing the healthcare industry

David Ho

The fight against HIV/AIDS continues, though much progress has been made since the 1980s and 90s when the mortality rate was much higher. Much of this progress is a result of the work of Dr. David Ho, an immigrant from Taiwan. 

Dr. Ho has been leading research efforts against the autoimmune disease for over 30 years. To put Dr. Ho’s work into context, he has published 400 scientific research papers on HIV/AIDS, according to Asian Scientist. In 1996, Time Magazine recognized Dr. Ho as its Person of the Year

Anna Chif

Anna Chif is the co-founder and current chief operating officer at Dialogue, a Canadian-based telehealth company that connects employees of client companies to doctors and nurses. The company believes that technology can help people access better care, no matter their location. 

Dialogue has become a leader in the Canadian telehealth field because of the speed with which it connects employees to medical professionals. Once someone connects to a professional, they can communicate via chat or video to receive care.

Forbes recently recognized Chif as a 30-under-30 immigrant bringing a fresh outlook and work ethic to the U.S. More so, Dialogue has raised over $15 million in venture capital since Chif and others cofounded the company.

Laks Srini

Laks Srini co-founded and was the chief technology officer at Zenefits, a SaaS company that makes it easier for human resources teams to manage benefits, payroll, time keeping and much more. 

While the platform has evolved into an all-encompassing solution, Zenefits made a name for itself at the start by focusing on health insurance coverage. More so, the platform aimed to help small businesses and startups manage HR functions in a quicker fashion in order to free up valuable time for other tasks.

While Zenefits didn’t revolutionize healthcare in the same manner as Dr. Ho, it’s still important to recognize the impact they’ve made. The company helped streamline the coverage process for small and large companies at a time when more organizations are seeking to enhance the employee experience and greater benefits.

The healthcare industry is large and constantly evolving. Throughout history, immigrants have truly made a major impact in the field, whether through cutting-edge research or technological advancements.

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