Employers’ Top Immigration Trends for 2018

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

After a year of immigration ups and downs, concerns and changes, we captured a snapshot of the top immigration trends for HR professionals and hiring managers right now.

Today, we’re publishing our findings of this recent survey, conducted by The Harris Poll. You can find key takeaways and more at trends.envoyglobal.com.

Here’s just a taste of what we found out about some of the biggest immigration trends, according to employers:

Demand for global talent is still high

Despite a year of change and uncertainty (immigration was in the news constantly throughout 2017), more than half of employers told us their need for global talent hasn’t changed.

Global mobility is becoming a top priority

top immigration trends - Demand for global talent is still high

Companies are also looking for more ways to expand their workforce overseas, we learned. This trend is expected to increase over the course of the year and is already taking shape in more outbound immigration to places like India and China.

Green card policies are changing

Almost all employers told us that their green card policy has changed at least somewhat over the last year. This news comes at a time when the power of immigration-related perks is starting to have an impact on competitive hiring of foreign talent in the U.S.

U.S. immigration is incredibly complex

Employer needs and government policies are at odds in some ways. Though companies need more international talent to help fill vacant jobs, complex and time consuming processes are getting in the way, we heard from more than 80 percent of employers.

Technology is coming to the rescue

For almost half of the employers we talked to, technology is helping address some of the growing complexities in U.S. and outbound immigration. Data security is also high on the list of technological investments, say almost two-thirds of respondents.

Easing employees’ minds matters

top immigration trends - easing employees' minds matters

When choosing a technology partner, companies are looking for a provider that makes the process easier for their foreign national employees. After a year of uncertain changes in immigration policy, employee anxiety is a major concern for HR professionals and hiring managers. Technology helps by improving the employee experience throughout the immigration process.

What do these top immigration trends mean for employers? Find out at trends.envoyglobal.com.