At a Fork in the Road: Immigration Policy vs. Business Trends

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

In 2017, immigration has become a divisive issue. And yes, there are partisan politics involved in that division, but there has been another noticeable split coming to a head. When it comes to immigration – not just in America, but in other countries across the world as well – a schism between politics and business has formed.

Immigration Policy vs. Business Trends

Since the start of this year, government policies have tended toward higher scrutiny and immigration crackdowns, with the protection of American jobs as the foremost priority. At the same time, businesses are finding themselves facing a labor shortage unlike any they’ve seen in some time, and their global reach is expanding. The need for international talent, mobility and possibilities are at an all-time high.

Jamie Gilpin, a 15-year veteran to the HR technology industry and Envoy CMO, offers a look back at the most important immigration trends of 2017 in the live webinar, The Changing Landscape of Immigration Management. Join us on Thursday, December 21 for a deep dive into the impact of the infamous travel ban proposed by the Trump administration, requests for evidence (RFEs) increases, and other significant changes in immigration policy and practice in the U.S.

Aside from policy trends, you’ll get an insider’s look at what businesses expected this year. See how you measure up to other organizations – their hiring needs, immigration management practices that are succeeding, and how exactly they’re investing in foreign talent. Walk away with an understanding of immigration policy vs. business trends this year, and why they’re so at odds.

Plus, you’ll get a sneak peak into the whirlwind of immigration-related expectations for 2018. What are employers worried about as the new year approaches? How are they planning to handle all the changes in immigration management? Learn about all these trends, and what it could mean for your organization in the upcoming webinar.

Interested in learning more? Mark Thursday, December 21 on your calendar and join us for our live webinar, The Changing Landscape of Immigration Management.