Ukraine: Suspension of Consular Services

Key Points  

  • Ukraine temporarily suspended all consular services for military-aged men living aboard  

Temporary Suspension of Consular Services

The government of Ukraine suspend all consular services to military-aged men aged 18 to 60 currently residing abroad. As a result, these individuals will be prevented from undertaking the following: 

  • Applying or renewing a passport and other travel documents  
  • Obtaining official documents from Ukraine, such as birth or marriage certificates  

These individuals will instead be required to return to Ukraine and apply directly with the State Migration Authority. This suspension will remain in place until 18 May 2024. Following this suspension, all military-aged men, including those living abroad, must report to draft offices in Ukraine or at consular posts.  

Ukrainian nationals can still acquire services related to issuing certificates allowing return to Ukraine. The government will also continue to process passport and other document requests submitted before 24 April 2024. For additional information on these measures, check here 

Looking Ahead  

Continue to check the government of Ukraine’s website and Envoy Global’s website for the latest updates and information.  


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