Australia: 2024 Migration Strategy Plan

Key Points  

  • Australia introduced its new migrations strategy plan for 2024, which aims to revamp the country’s immigration system  


The government of Australia released its migration strategy plan on 11 December 2023. The plan outlines the country’s roadmap changes for its migration system with eight key actions. According to the government, the plan will help return immigration numbers to what they were before the pandemic.  

The following measures will be introduced under the new strategy:  

  • Creating a new skill in demand visa with three pathways:  
  • Specialists’ skills pathway: intended for highly skilled foreign nationals holding an average annual salary of at least AUD 135,000. The salary must be equal to Australian workers within the same occupation.  
  • Core skills pathway: intended for foreign nationals employed in occupations on the new Core Skills Occupation list. Applicants must earn at least the same income equal to the Temporary skilled Migration income threshold.  
  • Essential skills pathway: intended for foreign national workers with an income of AUD 70,000 or less who hold an essential skill.  

The government will also take measures to reform some of the existing visa pathways to better fill labor needs in the country.  

Looking Ahead  

Continue to check the government of Australia’s website and Envoy’s website for the latest updates and information.

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