The Top 10 Most Popular Immigration-Related Perks

Last Updated on December 1, 2023

Here’s how U.S. employers today are winning over international job candidates

With fierce competition for high-skilled talent likely to continue, a compelling perk package can serve as a powerful incentive to attract and retain foreign national employees. Knowing exactly which benefits appeal the most to foreign nationals can help you craft a more compelling job offer that stands out to job seekers.

These are the 10 most popular immigration-related job perks offered by employers in 2019

10. Secondments/overseas assignment opportunities

Eighteen percent of employers surveyed by Envoy said they offer secondments and overseas assignments to foreign national employees. For example, global rotation programs are becoming a popular form of overseas assignments that can be used to develop high-potential talent, boost engagement and staff important overseas projects and initiatives.

9. Immediate green card sponsorship

An emerging trend among employers, twenty-three percent of employers say they offer green card sponsorship for employees immediately. The green card process can take years, especially for employees from countries with large backlogs, so immediate sponsorship can be an important differentiator between your perk package and a competitor’s.

8. Cultural assimilation training

Twenty-seven percent of employers said they offer cultural assimilation training for foreign nationals. Training can include group activities like lunch and learns or team outings, or online programming and handouts⁠—anything that can offer foreign national employees the ability to get involved in new experiences.

7. Transportation

Transportation services, such as a car service, a company car or a rental car to foreign national employees were also offered by twenty-seven percent of employers. This can be immensely helpful, as immigrants who have arrived recently to the U.S. may not be aware of the process for obtaining a license or learning to drive in a foreign country. Make sure your company can guide employees in the right direction and provide transportation assistance in the interim.

6. Travel

Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed said they offer travel benefits/reimbursement to foreign national employees, which include travel to visit his or her home country or air fare for immediate family members’ visits. Ensure your employees and their families have smooth trips by providing them with travel checklists to make sure they have the proper documentation for exiting and re-entering the U.S.

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Source: Envoy Global 2019 Immigration Trends Report

5. Dependent green card costs

Twenty-nine percent of employers pay for green card costs for dependents. Employees going through the green card process often want their family members to obtain permanent residency as well. Helping with the required costs and paperwork can make it easier for dependents to do so and shows the employee that you are invested in their long term stability.

4. Destination services

Thirty-two percent of employers offer destination services for their foreign national employees. This can include assistance with finding schools for children, setting up bank accounts or helping them get accustomed to their new surroundings. Consider including destination services that begin as soon as a future employee lands in the destination country, such as setting up mobile numbers and transportation from the airport.

3. Relocation expenses

Moving a family overseas and finding housing in a new country comes with various expenses that can quickly add up. Because of this, thirty-four percent of employers said they pay for relocation expenses for employees. This generally includes airfare and moving costs for the employee and their dependents. Employers should consider whether they want to help offset these costs and how much they’re willing to pay or reimburse.

2. Dependent benefits

Forty-seven percent of employers said they provide relocation assistance for dependents of foreign national employees. Other support commonly provided includes language classes, payment for H-4 visa costs and social and professional networking opportunities that allow dependents to meet community members and build potential work connections.

1. Green card sponsorship

The most popular perk by far, 66% of employers say they offer green card sponsorship for foreign national employees, and 66% of employers who sponsor for green cards start the process within an employee’s first year of service. Sponsorship for permanent residence can create peace of mind for foreign nationals who hope to remain in the U.S. for the long-term.

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