Recapping Envoy’s Global Talent Symposium in New York City

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Envoy’s second-ever Global Talent Symposium (GTS) was held for the first time in New York City on Nov. 20, 2019

Over 150 attendees from companies ranging from small startups to large scale corporations were in attendance for the second installment of Envoy’s Global Talent Symposium. The half-day event encompassed four distinct panels composed of discussions built around important topics in global mobility, U.S. immigration policy, the future of work and data insights into global trends.

Panelists included: 

  • Kathryn Minshew, CEO and founder, The Muse 
  • Prof. William Kerr, Harvard Business School
  • Hanna Siegel, Managing Director, New American Economy 
  • Sheryll Young, Lead, Global Mobility, Shopify
  • Horst Gallo, VP, HR Global Mobility, IBM
  • Stephanie Alisuag-Schreiber, Senior Associate, Global Mobility and Immigration, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Madan Nagaldinne, Chief People Officer, Blink Health
  • Irfhan Rawji, CEO and founder, Mobsquad
  • Victoria Turk, Vice President of Human Resources, Sony Music Entertainment
  • Becky Woods, Senior Director, Global Mobility, ADP

Data Highlights Growing Trends

Data is an integral part of any business operation, including immigration. Working alongside the Envoy INSIGHTS team, Envoy COO Manu Sivanandam delivered a presentation that highlighted hiring trends in the NYC area and how global talent is impacting these trends

Based off government data that is publicly available, Sivanandam highlighted the growing rate in government requests for evidence (RFE) for H-1B and L-1A/L-1B visa petitions. In recent years, the government has increasingly requested more information from organizations seeking to sponsor foreign talent.

Additionally, Sivanandam discussed hiring trends based off Labor Condition Application (LCA) data. Before a company files an H-1B visa petition, for example, it must first complete an LCA (Learn more about LCAs here). Data shows a large number of filings of LCAs in Midtown Manhattan, which is not a surprise considering the number of financial institutions located in that area.

Sivanandam also highlighted the average salary of select jobs in the NYC area. For example, the average salary for computer systems analysts has an average salary of $90,000, while financial analysts make an average of $96,000.

Global Mobility Programs Need To Adapt

According to a study from PwC, global mobility is going to continue to grow in importance in 2020. In order to meet the growing demand for overseas assignments, companies will need to adapt their global mobility programs accordingly.

In their discussion on global mobility, Young, Gallo, Woods and Alisuag-Schreiber said programs should be highly flexible for all working demographics. Millennials aren’t the only employees seeking overseas assignments. Late career executives and Generation Z workers are also seeking to work abroad.

More so, the panel said that in times of global complexities, companies have to lean on their vendors. Whether it’s tax or housing, strategic solutions and preemptive consultations are key to navigating global complexities. 

Employee Engagement Must be Top of Mind

During the Future of Work panel, panelists stressed that employee engagement and experience must be top of mind for any human resources program. 

Minshew, Kerr, Nagaldinne, Rawji and Turk discussed how the quality of relationships with colleagues is often the No.1 driver of satisfaction and engagement. To help develop relationships, the panel said team building exercises and socializing outside the office are powerful methods.

The panel also discussed remote work options. Flexibility is no longer a choice for companies. The reality is virtually every employee expects flexibility in their work. As such, companies have to meet employees where they are to ensure employees have the flexibility to weave work and life together.

These are just a few of the highlights from GTS East. We hope everyone had a great time and we can’t wait to see you in 2020. Stay tuned for more information!