New Year, New Hires, New Solutions: Create a Better Immigration Experience for your F-1 Employees in 2023

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

As the H-1B cap lottery becomes increasingly crowded, U.S. companies rely more heavily on recruiting and hiring foreign graduates on F-1 visas to fill key STEM positions.  

The flexibility and relative ease of hiring a professional on an F-1 STEM OPT work permit is appealing to employers that are looking for alternatives outside of the H-1B cap lottery. In Envoy’s 2022 Immigration Trends Report, 40% of HR respondents said their company is becoming more reliant on recruiting from the pool of F-1 STEM graduates. This growing reliance is bolstered by the unique qualifications of F-1 STEM graduates, who hold U.S. degrees in fields like computer science, electronic engineering, information technology and other STEM disciplines. As of 2021, there were more than 117,000 F-1 STEM graduates in the workforce.  

Despite its advantages, the process can be stressful and uncertain for professionals working on an F-1 visa.  

If you’re a global mobility professional, you know the importance of recruiting, hiring and retaining F-1 STEM professionals for your organization. In 2023, Envoy can help you create a better immigration experience for your F-1 employees.  

Real-Time Immigration Support

Here’s a scenario you may recognize: your company is recruiting a top candidate on F-1 STEM OPT. The candidate (rightfully) has a lot of questions about their immigration status, the process for a future bid in the H-1B lottery and more.  

Let Envoy help address these questions for you and give your employees peace of mind. 

Envoy understands the concerns of foreign employees, and that’s why our mission puts their experience first. From dedicated points of contact to real-time status updates, Envoy delivers exceptional service and a better experience for all stakeholders in the immigration process.  

Envoy Global’s experienced team is available for around-the-clock coverage, and you will have full transparency in all conversations with the Communication Center.

Clear Path to an Employer-Supported U.S. Visa

With only three years of work authorization in the U.S., F-1 STEM graduates are eager to plan their future. Envoy helps you strategize personalized immigration assessments for each F-1 STEM employee, including planning for the H-1B cap lottery and alternative visa options.

Envoy Global has two affiliated and award-winning immigration law firms: Global Immigration Associate (GIA) and Corporate Immigration Partners (CIP). Everyone operates as one team to provide personalized and exceptional service so you can feel confident about the future.

Access to Global Employment Options

What if I don’t get selected in the H-1B cap lottery?

Most global mobility professionals know this question all too well. But it’s an important one because the answer can mean the difference between keeping a top employee or losing one.  

Envoy Global can help you and your employees explore every available option, including work permits outside of the U.S.  Our experienced immigration team helps companies around the world relocate top employees to destinations that allow them to continue contributing to their organization.  

Envoy makes it easy for global mobility professionals to explore, consider and act on immigration opportunities that are best for their employees and their company, be it an international transfer to Singapore, a short-term assignment in Brazil or anything in between.

Recruiting F-1 STEM graduates will continue to be a key component of your global immigration program. Let Envoy help improve the process for you and your employees in 2023!

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