Improved Experience: Hiring Manager Role + Assigned Attorney

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

As always, Envoy is dedicated to bringing our customers the best support for your immigration needs. We’re excited to announce even more features from the latest Envoy product update and upcoming releases.

Keep reading to find out more about what we’re offering with our latest product update, including how a new hiring manager role can help make your life easier and an assigned attorney to give you more expedient legal advice. And, learn how we are striving to improve your experience, and the experience for your foreign national employees, through continual improvement of our platform and service delivery.

New hiring manager role

In order to continue to improve transparency into cases, we have recently added the option for a hiring manager role inside the Envoy platform. This new feature will enable your hiring managers to update job information for new hires and provide them with more transparency into the case that’s underway.

The new hiring manager role will lessen your role as a go-between and wasted time to manage communications on your own. Ultimately, this new role will give all stakeholders insight into employee status and make your job a little bit easier.

Assigned attorney for every step

In an effort to continuously improve your experience and communications inside the Envoy platform, we are enhancing the attorney team pod structure we instituted last year. Currently, many of our customers benefit from this model, having a dedicated lead attorney and supporting team for attorney calls and their overall immigration program management.

Moving forward, not only will all customers have their dedicated lead attorneys on calls, but they will also have their lead attorney and team to help manage questions and provide answers to HR and employees in the communication center.

With more streamlined communication, you and your team will be able to receive faster, better quality responses from your attorney and implement what you learn with minimal delay.

Curious to see the recent updates in action? Check out the product here.