Global Workforce Retention: What You Need to Know

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Employee engagement has always been integral to maintaining a healthy organization, and it’s critical to global workforce retention. Building and engaging talent globally is a complex and nuanced process, and it requires HR to rethink everything classic ideas about retention. Laurie Ruettimann, human resources leader and influential speaker, offers three solutions for global workforce retention you may not have considered.

Engaging talent globally is nuanced. HR may need to rethink everything about retention.

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Attract global talent

A global compensation strategy matters, and it starts with a thorough compensation analysis by a professional – either a hire with this expertise or existing talent with an educational focus on compensation analysis. Countries around the world have various compensation requirements to stay attractive to talent there. Being aware of what competitive compensation means in various locations around the world is the best way to stay attractive to new talent.

Educate to retain

An environment of learning inside an organization creates opportunities for talent to envision a future with the company.  Continuing education is important but may be different for various groups. This can be part of an engagement strategy that should be employed on a global level, and in some cases, HR should consider global mobility as a valuable learning experience and retention tool. Millennials, for example, value the opportunity to travel around the world in their careers.

Global workforce retention and sensitivity

Retention strategies should be holistic in their approach, but sensitivity within HR and the hiring process is where it begins. Cultural differences can create challenges not only throughout the organization but right from the start of an employee’s journey. It’s important to invest in training for your HR department to help them avoid stereotyping and misunderstanding potential talent. From there, sensitivity and understanding can spread company-wide to ensure that the talent you have is understood and appreciated.

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