Answering Your Global Mobility Questions with Sophy King & Brendan Coggan

Last Updated on May 4, 2023

Global mobility, the ability to transfer personnel globally, is vital for a corporation’s talent acquisition strategy. It allows for attracting qualified candidates, retaining employees and creating a more diverse and global workforce.

With the rise of globalization and companies seeking to relocate talent or expand into new markets, a strategic and well-informed global mobility program becomes even more crucial. HR teams can confidently manage such a program with the support of the right technology and a dedicated team.

To save valuable time and resources, Envoy Global partners with you to help lay the groundwork for your global mobility program, provide insights to improve along the way or be your reliable source for forecasting and planning.

What’s on the Table for the Future of Global Mobility?

What does the future of global mobility look like in 2023? We recently sat down with Sophy King, Envoy’s President of Global Immigration, and Brendan Coggan, SVP of Global Services at Envoy and a Founding Partner at Corporate Immigration Partners. We dove into some of the most exciting questions in the field of global mobility:

What Role Do HR Teams Play in Global Mobility?

King + Coggan: Depending on a given organization’s corporate makeup, HR often creates global mobility as a dedicated sub-department or as a general function of the HR team. In either scenario, HR is commonly the business’ internal body overseeing and managing global mobility for its programs. Fundamentally, global mobility is about humans; success means building a people-focused and realistic approach, which HR is uniquely equipped to do.

What Is Essential to Maintaining an Excellent Global Mobility Program?

King + Coggan: A realistic approach to compliance, risk and people management; excellent communication; a deep understanding of company initiatives and goals; planning wherever possible. And, of course, a close partnership with your providers.

Envoy Global: Streamlined immigration technology solution.
Envoy Global: Streamlined immigration technology solution.


How Has the COVID-19 and the Increase in Remote Work Options Changed the Landscape of Global Mobility Over the Past Year or More?

King + Coggan: Remote work is here to stay, but after the first giddy flush of “work from anywhere!” most companies realize that they need to take a pragmatic approach to remote work, looking at immigration rules as well as tax, employment and social security compliance. Legislation will need to continue to adapt to meet business requirements; closer collaboration between immigration, employment and tax authorities is a must; developing internal company policies that incorporate the businesses’ views regarding remote work is an increasingly prudent step.

How Can Companies Maintain Up-to-Date Global Mobility Strategies and Provide Employees With a Positive and Reliable Experience?

King: It’s best to keep your mobility policy simple so that you can rely on it and communicate it effectively. Of course, try and stay in close partnership with your providers so that you can give them advance notice of your business plans for the coming months. They can also give you advance notice of relevant changes and legal developments. Keep in touch with your employees, communicate clearly with them and ask them for feedback on their experiences so that you can keep on improving and developing your policy and strategies.

How Can Data Analytics Help Shape and Define a Global Mobility Strategy?

King: Data analytics are crucial. Knowing where your people are, when they are there and for how long is fundamental to developing a cost-effective, compliant and efficient global mobility strategy.

  • For example, suppose one business unit regularly sends short-term assignees to a particular jurisdiction at short notice, you can use that knowledge to plan and have employees “assignment ready” in advance.
  • Suppose you know that assignments for EU nationals to other EU countries require very little advance planning. In that case, you can leverage those nationalities for those assignments.
  • Suppose you know that long-term assignments cost 50% more than back-to-back rotational assignments. If so, you can work with the business to decide the best option for a project’s needs.
Envoy's analytics tool can be used to track your foreign national population and their visa or permanent residence status.
Envoy’s analytics tool can be used to track your foreign national population and their visa or permanent residence status.


How Can Immigration Technology Help To Improve a Global Mobility Program?

King + Coggan: See data analytics above for a start. Technology makes it realistic to know where your people are and when.  Also, of course, technology can facilitate the immigration process by making it easier and quicker to exchange documents and information, check the progress of a case, and provide updates.

The security and confidentiality the right technology can also bring to a global mobility program are essential.  Given emerging threats and increasingly stringent regulations worldwide, the protection of the significant amount of data and personally identifiable information (PII) required in the global mobility space is critical for the operation of a successful program.

What Changes Should We Expect for Global Mobility Programs in the Coming Year?

King + Coggan:

  • A greater focus on and tightening up of remote work policies;
  • Increased use of short-term and rotational programs;
  • Depending on the jurisdiction, perhaps a greater focus on policies that attract and retain top talent (e.g., permanent residence applications, support for working spouses and partners);
  • More support for “non-traditional” dependents (e.g., same-sex partners or children over the age of 18.);
  • Increased use of technology in the space –from governments and other company/vendor stakeholders (the “digitization of global mobility”).
  • Global mobility is an essential part of a company’s talent acquisition strategy. Envoy’s team of immigration professionals offers support for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve on global mobility trends and happenings.

Our team combines thoughtful insights, analytics and technology to optimize your global mobility program. We also recognize that, at its core, global mobility is about people and their potential. We have created a structure to provide you and your employees with the necessary resources to thrive. Ultimately, we support global mobility programs for our clients by virtue of global immigration.

Find out how Envoy can partner with your company to create a successful global mobility program for your employees and their immigration needs.

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