5 Ways Technology is Helping Small Businesses with H-1B Cap Season

January 4, 2019 Erik Prado

Immigration technology gives small business owners peace of mind during the often-complicated H-1B cap season.

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. Not only do they oversee their company’s operations from a bird’s eye perspective, they also take on many of the day-to-day tasks alongside their employees. One aspect of small business ownership they might not anticipate until it lands in their lap is the process of sponsoring a foreign national employee. It’s not uncommon for owners to be unsure how to proceed or who to work with on their immigration needs, especially when the hectic H-1B cap season is quickly approaching.

Luckily, there’s a solution: immigration technology. Here are five ways technology can help small businesses navigate the H-1B cap season process.

1. Greater Accessibility

Small business owners are used to being able to work in the office, from home or while traveling. Many popular applications and services can be accessed on any device at any time, and immigration technology shouldn’t be any different. Whether via laptop or a mobile app, a technology platform allows small business owners and their employees to seamlessly upload important documents, check-in on the status of a case, view important files or send messages to an attorney.

2. Reduce the Need to Become an Immigration Expert

It’s very likely that most small business owners are not experts on the complexities of the U.S. immigration process - and that’s OK. Immigration technology reduces the anxiety and uncertainty of the process by providing companies with detailed case updates and further educational opportunities within the app itself. Business owners can submit a question whenever they have one, and their attorney will respond within a reasonable amount of time.

By leaving these components to the app and an expert legal team, small business owners can regain the time that would have spent researching U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) forms, the purpose of those forms and the deadline they must meet.

3. Pre-Populated Forms

Technology can open the doors to immigration-specific automated tools, like smart questionnaires that pre-populate data the platform already has access to. A technology platform like Envoy’s can even pre-populate forms with information from an employee’s profile. While this may sound like a small time saver, those minutes can really add up for a business owner who already acts as the human resources department, makes sales calls and ensures product shipments are on schedule.

In fact, technology can help small business owners automate up to 90 percent of the form-filling process.

4. Predictable Costs

It’s not easy to anticipate unexpected business expenses, and this is especially the case when it comes to immigration. Technology provides a clear cost breakdown – calculated per employee and per visa – as opposed to seeing a blanket monthly invoice that results in confusion and skepticism.

By having this visibility into the cost associated with employee sponsorship, business owners are better able to set a predictable budget for their immigration needs. Being able to anticipate your month-to-month immigration spend also gives back valuable time normally spent crunching numbers in a spreadsheet.

5. Transparent Communication

When you utilize immigration technology, business owners and employees can communicate directly with their dedicated legal team. Instead of multiple, lengthy email chains, all parties can ask and respond to questions in a cloud-based communication center. This is a welcomed departure from the way traditional law firms operate, especially when it comes to responding to urgent questions from an anxious employee.

Adopting new technology may be unnerving for some small business owners, especially when they’re used to being hands-on with every aspect of their company. But when it comes to immigration, technology can truly make a difference by facilitating a complex situation. By adding accessibility, transparency and time and cost savings, business owners can focus on what matters most: providing a positive experience for their employees.

For more information about how Envoy’s technology is transforming the way small business handle their immigration matters during H-1B cap season and beyond, click here to schedule a demo with our team.

Envoy is pleased to provide you this information, which was prepared in collaboration with Sara Herbek, who is the Managing Partner at Global Immigration Associates, P.C. (www.giafirm.com), Envoy’s affiliated law firm.

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