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  • Higher Education: The Opportunities And Nuances of The University Talent Pipeline

    A closer look at the state of international student enrollment in the U.S and a guide to how HR teams can expand on-campus recruiting and put strategic policies in place to access university talent.

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  • Q1 Policy Update

    Join Envoy Global and Global Immigration Associates for this webinar that breaks down the most important immigration news and updates that we saw in the first quarter of 2020.

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  • 6 Emerging Immigration Trends In 2020

    Join Envoy Global CEO Dick Burke for a high-level overview of the 2020 Immigration Trends Report, including the most pressing developments in employment-based immigration that HR should know about.

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  • The Ultimate Guide To H-1B Alternatives

    Envoy Global and GIA will walk attendees through the various alternative work visa options to the H-1B that employers can utilize for their sponsored talent.

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  • The 2020 Presidential Election: Potential Impact on U.S. Immigration Policy

    Chris Richardson, BDV Solutions COO and immigration policy adviser will discuss the upcoming presidential election and what it means for employment-based immigration in this brand new webinar.

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  • Nordstrom Partner Webinar: Working With Sponsored Talent & Hiring Managers To Enhance The Employee Experience

    Nordstrom Partner Webinar: Working With Sponsored Talent & Hiring Managers To Enhance The Employee Experience

    Envoy and GIA join Nordstrom Talent Mobility Manager Ray Kirby to discuss how HR professionals can work with hiring managers to create a better experience for foreign national employees.

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  • Canada As An H-1B Alternative

    Canada As An H-1B Alternative

    Envoy Global Immigration Manager Marina Falkina will join Mobsquad CEO Irfhan Rawji for this webinar on Canada’s immigration policies and how employers can leverage them this cap season.

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  • Brexit: One Month Later

    Brexit: One Month Later

    In this webinar, Global Immigration Manager and EMEA expert Hannah In-Chan will discuss the latest developments following Brexit and what it all means for talent mobility in the region.

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