How Does Immigration Technology Help Save Money?

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

If you’ve invested in immigration without the support of technology, you might be wasting money on exorbitant firm fees that fluctuate from month to month and wreak havoc on your HR budget. The investment in an immigration program at your company should be seeing strategic returns. It should help you do your job better. So, if you’re wondering, “Does immigration technology help save money?” – the answer is yes.

In fact, with the right technology, your ROI can truly be net positive – not only saving you time and resources, but setting you up with an immigration program that is actually a strategic driver for talent growth.

Does immigration technology help save money?

Yes! The real question is how. How does immigration technology help save money? Here are some monetary savings you could see with immigration technology:

Predictable costs

Does Immigration Technology Help Save Money - predictable costs

An immigration technology service that offers reporting capabilities can help you budget for and forecast an immigration program that is predictable every month. With reporting technology, you can see your immigration spend all on one screen and determine how to budget accurately going forward.

Steady fee structure

Without technology, the unpredictable costs of attorney hours and hidden fees can be enough to set a monthly budget off-track. It’s the unexpected questions that arise during casework that can drive up costs more than anything. And since not every immigration case is black and white, being able to ask an attorney questions in-app without being stuck with overage fees makes the process easier to navigate.

Invoice clarity

There’s an obvious cost breakdown when you see your bill right in front of you, calculated per employee and per visa as opposed to seeing a blanket monthly invoice and leaving it up to your team to decipher.

Budget prioritizing

Does immigration technology help save money - budget prioritizing

The costs of traditional immigration management can ebb and flow tremendously, making it challenging to determine a set budget for immigration. Without a predictable budget, it can be tough to convince leadership of that initiative’s strategic importance. After all, if you’re not budgeting for it, how can you make your case that it’s an essential function? Immigration technology can give you the clout you need to prioritize recruiting and hiring the talent you need.

Better billing

Using an immigration technology service to help budget for your immigration program means that your team doesn’t have to do the administrative work required to keep up with traditional immigration billing and payment (think attorney fees and visa filing costs). With month-to-month predictable immigration spend, you’re gaining valuable time and talent back instead of dedicating someone on your team to dealing with manually writing checks for every single filing fee.

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