H-1B CAP Registration Guide: Electronic Signature of Form G-28 and H-1B Registrant Acceptance

January 20, 2021

Last Updated on February 26, 2023





After your Corporate Immigration Partners (CIP) Team has registered all your company’s H-1B CAP candidates, you (i.e. the Company Representative) will be required to electronically sign the Form G-28 online through the myUSCIS portal. CIP will send you a representative passcode that must be used to access your company’s H-1B CAP registrations.
Below are instructions on how to electronically sign the Form G-28.

Step 1: Sign in to your myUSCIS account

You will be required to complete dual authentication. A passcode will be provided to you via text or email and must be entered every time you log in.


Step 2: During the H-1B registration period, an option to select the “Enter a Representative Passcode” will be available when you log into your myUSCIS account. 



Step 3: CIP will provide you with the “Representative Passcode.” You will then enter the passcode when prompted to do so.  











Step 4: You then select “Review the G-28.”







Step 5: Next, you will indicate if you accept the G-28 and submit an electronic signature. Click next.









Step 6: You select the below indicated boxes and enter a signature in the “client signature’s” box. Click next.

Step 7: You submit the Form G-28. Click next.

Step 8: After you submit the Form G-28, the Registrant reviews and accepts the H-1B application.


Step 9: You review the information provided for the Registrant, Authorized Signatory, and Beneficiary for completeness and accuracy.



Step 10: You accept the H-1B Registration and agree to provide a signature.



Step 11: You review and accept the Authorized Signatory’s Statement.


Step 12: The authorized signatory reviews and accepts the Authorized Signatory’s Statement and provides an Authorized Signatory’s Signature.


Step 13: The H-1B Registration is confirmed and sent to the attorney or representative.



  • USCIS authorizes H-1B CAP registrations to be submitted in batches of up to 250 registrants. A passcode is required for each batch of 250.
  • If your company does not have more than 250 registrants, only one passcode will be required.
  • Only one Form G-28 is required for each batch of 250.