What Is the Value of a Globally Diverse Workforce?

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Staying relevant may seem easy, but only if you’re thinking too small. In a world that’s mobile, dynamic and constantly connected, organizations should be broadening their globally diverse workforce.

That’s the position Charlie Judy thinks all businesses should take.

Judy is a founding partner of WorkXO, a tech platform that helps organizations align their work culture with their growth strategies. His advice? Go global or risk being irrelevant.

What does “going global” mean in today’s world? It’s become far more complicated than it used to be, that’s for sure. We’re all connected in real time – even between continents.

It’s about diversity

In a world gone global, organizations should have diversity within that reflects the diversity without. It’s as important to build an international, globally diverse workforce in order to be relevant across the far reaches of the internet, amidst the competitive landscape and to your market.

Especially for those who are fighting the competition within your region and not successfully finding the talent you need, you should be valuing the excess of talent outside your immediate reach.

Think bigger

Politics aside, going global means looking outside of national borders to establish a foundation of diversity. Even if you are having luck locally, it may be that your thinking is too narrow. You’re solving the talent issue of right now, but not addressing the talent issue of a year from now.

That lack of forethought has hurt organizations before, and it will again. It certainly won’t fuel growth.

Make the case for a globally diverse workforce

The solution Judy lays out is simple: figure out a way to communicate that a globally diverse workforce is imperative to your organization’s growth and success. You need to get all parties on board before a fundamental change like this is going to set in. But once it does set in, your expanded talent pool will speak for itself.

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