How Data Can Help You Recruit Foreign Nationals

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

You know that the labor shortage in the U.S. is real. And, it comes as no surprise to you that plenty of companies are able to bridge the skills gap they face by hiring from abroad. Looking beyond your backyard means opening up your talent pool to a wide variety of skill sets. And since your job is to find the right people for the right positions at the right time, looking abroad to recruit foreign nationals has the potential to make your job much easier.

You need to build a talent pipeline outside the U.S. But where do you begin? To find out, We asked Jennifer McClure, president of Unbridled Talent and a sought-after business advisor.

Use market trends for benchmarking

The first step to getting a pipeline of foreign national talent to help you fill skills gap in your organization is getting buy-in from leadership. One way to do that, McClure says, is to ask around for help. Check with your local recruiting agency or others in the industry for market trends to compare your numbers to others’.

Audit your existing recruiting strategy

Take a good look at your current strategy to identify the challenges you face. Too often, HR professionals rely on instinct, which, in many cases works well. In this case, though, solid, concrete data will be necessary – not just on the solutions to your hiring issues but shedding light on the problems themselves.

Let data drive your recruiting strategy

When you learn where you stand amidst market trends and your competition you’ll be able to present your plan to recruit foreign nationals to leadership as one that solves a critical problem. Know your data front and back, advises McClure, and make sure to present it with confidence. Your international hiring strategy is likely to get pushback from leadership, so anticipate concerns ahead of time.

Learn where you stand amidst market trends – and  present your plan to recruit foreign nationals as one that solves a critical problem.

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Seek outside support

A quick, 10-minute phone call connecting a vendor you’ve vetted and the leadership in your organization could help get them onboard. You know you need outside resources to help your strategy come to life, so once you’ve decided on a vendor you trust, make sure to create a meeting agenda that focuses on solutions to your company’s issues.

Want to learn more about how to source, screen and recruit foreign nationals? Read the Envoy Hiring Foreign Nationals ebook.