4 Reasons Immigration Should Be HR’s Top Focus in 2018

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Yes, 2017 was tumultuous and there’s probably more changes coming soon, making it a contentious time to think about employment-based immigration. But, more than half of employers say immigration is part of their HR’s top focus in 2018 anyway.

Why? The truth is, they have to.

Here’s just a few reasons why immigration should be among HR’s top priorities:

1. Immigration keeps companies competitive

hr’s top focus in 2018 - Immigration keeps companies competitive

Industries across the board are facing a talent shortage in the U.S. When you don’t have the people to fill the jobs you need, you lose money. Part of HR’s bread and butter is securing and holding onto great talent.

For many, including immigration in the discussion makes that possible. Giving weight to immigration means you’re able to do your job better, whether it’s through securing foreign talent or providing global opportunities to meet changing expectations.

2. Other companies are doing it

Whether you’re already there or on the brink, other companies have caught on to the importance of including immigration as part of an overall strategy for success. We learned in our 2018 Immigration Trends Report that 88 percent of employers are investing in immigration-related perks as part of a larger immigration strategy.

Smart companies are starting to see that investing in immigration helps you attract and keep the attention of valuable foreign talent.

3. You need to scale

hr’s top focus in 2018 - you need to scale

Immigration needs to be a priority for HR, not an afterthought. In making it so, you’ll ease the burden on HR, and at the same time, streamline immigration processes – so you can properly scale.

It is possible to keep everything in one place to avoid missing deadlines and even ask questions directly to your attorney without long delays or complicated jargon. The entire process becomes easier with the right technology-based immigration platform, so you can hire more great employees.

4. Your employees need you to

According to our 2018 Immigration Trends Report, 42 percent of employers say the biggest immigration-related change they have seen in their organization this past year has been increased employee anxiety and questions. And 56 percent of employers say employee experience is a deciding factor in evaluating new immigration partners.

We’re in a time of significant change, and immigration has been under the microscope enough times recently to worry anyone whose status might be in question.

Developing a seamless immigration policy with the help of the right immigration partner could help you be better prepared when you do find the right candidate. Not only can you make sure your onboarding time is short and effective, but you can also give your employees the chance to track their immigration status and upload their own documents to provide transparency and ease their minds throughout their employment.

More data about why immigration should be HR’s top focus in 2018 can be found in our 2018 Immigration Trends ReportContact us for a demo of the Envoy Immigration Management Platform.