Three Ways to Deal With Global Workforce Management

August 31, 2017 Chelsea Iversen


Dealing with national immigration policies is tough enough, especially considering the recent political scrutiny on immigration. But staying compliant while you manage a global workforce – that just adds even more for companies to worry about. There are a few important ways businesses can capitalize on the vast pool of exceptional foreign talent and deal with global workforce management with employees abroad at the same time.

Consider the employee lifecycle

First, it’s critical to start with the right mindset when hiring foreign nationals. Because U.S. immigration is complicated and constantly changing, giving employees options for permanent residence in the U.S. can be a huge benefit and make a difference on the employee lifecycle as a whole.

Abide by international laws

It’s also necessary to consider that, whenever your employees are doing business abroad, they’re subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which they’re working. Being unaware of international immigration laws is not a safeguard for your company against the risks of noncompliance. Those risks, which have included hefty fines, crippling restrictions, and even incarceration, could be enough to influence your company’s global operations.

Report changes in status

Finally, businesses should be closely tracking and reporting any changes in status for all foreign national workers. Shifts in location, title, responsibilities, salary – all have an essential impact on immigration compliance and are not always permitted.

Need more information on how to make sure your global workforce management is compliant while your employees spread out around the globe? Download our 2017 Compliance Guide to get the lowdown.

[Guide] Compliance in Immigration and Global Mobility

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