The ABCs of Immigration: The HR Guide to Employment-Based U.S. Nonimmigrant Visas and Green Cards

Last Updated on October 19, 2023

Envoy Global’s newly updated ABCs of Immigration guide provides comprehensive insights into all U.S.-based employment visas, including green cards.

As an HR professional, you recognize the importance of a diverse and skilled workforce for your organization’s success. Work visas offer a valuable solution to access talented individuals from the global job market, particularly during local labor shortages. U.S.-based employers have various employment options, including temporary, seasonal and long-term visas, to tap into the global talent pool. 

However, securing the proper work visa that aligns with your organization’s needs and the intended role of your future foreign national employee can be overwhelming at times. 

Whether you’re new to the U.S. visa system or looking to refresh your U.S. immigration knowledge, this resource ensures you are well-prepared for the international hiring process. Some visas covered include:

  • Business (B-1) visas 
  • H visas  (including the H-1B)
  • L visas 
  • Green card

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