Why Green Card Sponsorships Matter

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Our 2018 Immigration Trends Report discovered that 70 percent of employers are sponsoring green cards for foreign national employees. Thirty-seven percent of those companies are sponsoring more green cards today than they have in the past. Thirty-one percent are taking less time to offer up that sponsorship funding to employees who want to get their green cards. Here’s why green card sponsorships matter to employers, especially this year.

Why green card sponsorships matter

Talent is limited

why green card sponsorships matter - talent is limited

The talent shortage in the U.S. is forcing employers to look beyond American borders to find talent. In so many cases, employers are learning the incredible value of foreign national talent can have on a company’s cultural relevance and global competitiveness.

Sponsoring green cards is a way to show employees you’re investing in their career in the U.S. Including such sponsorships as an up-front offering in your perks package for new employees, and while recruiting, you’re showing your company’s values.

Avoid poaching

Why green card sponsorships matter - avoid poaching

As the competition for foreign talent in the U.S. increases, companies are always in need of ways to distinguish themselves from other employers. Offering green card sponsorship – and offering to get started on that process sooner than other companies are willing to do – can make a difference.

By putting an offer on the table that addresses the needs of foreign national employees, you’re helping prevent that talent from being poached by other organizations.

Increase (and enhance) longevity

Why green card sponsorships matter - increase (and enhance) longevity

Another reason why green card sponsorships matter is that they can mean a number of things for employees’ longevity at a particular employer.

With an offer on the table of an effort to assist in gaining permanent residency in the U.S., you’re identifying employees who are looking to spend a career in the country. You’re able to see whether this person is interested in spending more time at your company if it’s possible.

Beyond that, you’re able to show these employees or prospective employees that you’re willing to invest in this aspect of their life and career. That establishes a relationship built on mutual trust and can lead to higher rates of retention.

Navigate the global marketplace

sponsorships matter - navigate the global marketplace

As the prospect of a sponsored green card brings valuable talent and secures some for the long term, it also positions you as a global company. The more global perspectives you can include in your workforce, the more ways you’ll be able to approach the global marketplace with a varied point of view.

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