Is the L-1 Visa Right for Your Business? It Might Be.

Last Updated on October 19, 2023

Of all the visa types in existence today, the L-1 is increasing in popularity and continues to make headlines.

Why? The L-1 visa is a globalizing tool for employers looking to move personnel to the United States. If used in the right way – with strict adherence to compliance – it can help grow your business.

In our recent “Understanding the L Visa” webinar, we answer the whys: Why might your company want to consider utilizing the L-1 visa? Why is L-1 important to your globalizing business?

In the webinar, we walk through the legal intricacies that make the L-1 visa one of the best mobilizing tools in U.S. immigration. We discuss who, in your organization, best fits the requirements for the visa. And we uncover a perfectly legal hack that will help you get the most benefit out of the policy.

The L-1 visa is designed for two types of employees transferring to the United States. The first type is either an executive or a manager – someone who practices oversight more than boots-on-the-ground activities. The second type is someone with highly specialized knowledge and is a critical part of the organization. Who these people are and the jobs they hold will vary greatly from one company to another, but it’s critical to show the authorities why moving them to the U.S. is essential to your business.

The petitioning process can be tricky, and the rules strict, but the power of the L-1 should not be underestimated, especially in light of recently enhanced immigration scrutiny.

Competition for L-1’s cousin, the H-1B visa, has become fierce in the past few years. Applications for the H-1B visa reached 260,000 this year, while the total visas issued remained capped at 85,000.

Despite its popularity, there are clearly lots of employers and employees left out of the H-1B pool. That’s where the L-1 comes into play. The L-1 can be a driver of business growth – just be prepared for a rigorous application process. The USCIS seems be scrutinizing the L-1 applicant pool with even more inspection in recent years. But keeping the right records, and paying attention to the details of the application process can allow companies and employees to tap into its potential.

What does the L-1 potential look like? It could look like expansion in the U.S. market, led by a highly successful foreign executive. It could look like a shift of a highly specialized department closer to HQ. It could even look like a completely new branch of your company opening up in the United States.

All in all, the L-1 can be pretty valuable. And it’s not just a power tool for employers, but it also benefits employees.

One of the appeals of the L-1 to foreign employees, in fact, is its status as a dual intent visa. L-1 visa holders can actively apply for their green card while still on their visa. That’s a win-win for employee and employer alike.

However, the most all-encompassing appeal of the L-1 to both employee and employer is hidden in what’s called a Blanket L Certification.

What is it? As we explain in the webinar, it’s an incredibly efficient – and completely legal – way to bypass the most tedious and time consuming parts of personnel immigration.

And how can a company get their hands on it?

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