I-485 Supporting Documentation and Medical Exam

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

The I-485 form is the primary application form used by would-be immigrants who are eligible to apply for a U.S. green card (lawful permanent residence) and eligible to do so while living in the U.S. without leaving for an overseas consular interview. Read on to take a closer look at how to prepare your form and which I-485 supporting documentation is needed.

What I-485 supporting documentation do I need?

This is a list of I-485 supporting documentation:

• Employment Verification Letter for Petitioner and Applicant
• Payroll paycheck stubs for the last two pay periods
• Nursing Registration (if applicable)
• U.S. Federal Income Tax Return of Applicant
• Civil Birth Certificate of Applicant
• Civil Marriage Certificate of Applicant (if applicable)
• Divorce or Death Certificate of Former Spouse(s) of Applicant (if applicable)
• Criminal Record of Applicant (if applicable)
• Military Record of Applicant (if applicable)
• Form I-94
• All Previous Form I-797 Approval Notices
• Form I-20ID (if applicable)
• Previous EAD (if applicable)
• J-1 Program Document (if applicable)
• Passport
• Completed I-693 medical examination (must be completed by a USCIS authorized civil surgeon)
• Two identical color passport-size photographs of the Applicant

Please note that any I-485 supporting documentation that is in a foreign language must come with a certified English translation.

My attorney already has some of the I-485 supporting documentation and some of them are not applicable to me

Your attorney should update your supporting documents to meet your individual situation once the I-485 questionnaire has been completed.

My priority date is not current, but I want to start preparing now. Can I open a case with Envoy and start uploading documents?

No. While we fully appreciate that you want to be ready as much as possible, the Visa Bulletin is highly unpredictable, moving forward and/or retrogressing from one month to next. Given that certain documents have expiration dates, and they have to be updated, you would be advised not open your case until your priority date is current.

When can I take the I-485 medical exam?

The medical exam report should be submitted with the I-485. The medical exam must be dated no earlier than one year prior to filing. The I-485 medical exam must be completed by a USCIS certified physician within the U.S. You can find one here.

The doctor will return the medical form to the individual in a sealed envelope which is labeled with your name. This should NOT be opened by the applicant and should not be opened by your attorney. Only USCIS can open it.

Do you need original I-485 supporting documentation?

The only original documents that the USCIS requires are photos and medical exams which should be mailed to your immigration attorney.

I don’t have a birth certificate or I do have one but my name is not on it, is misspelled, etc. Do I need affidavits?

In general, if a birth certificate is not available, one should obtain: (a) a certificate of non-availability from the government agency that would have issued the birth certificate if one were available, (b) two affidavits as described above and (c) any other evidence of his/her date of birth, such as a school certificate, religious certificate, certificate from the hospital or midwife, etc. However, a letter from the consulate or a date of birth certificate declaration based upon passport records would not generally be acceptable. If the birth certificate was registered late, the client should provide affidavits as described above.

Failure to submit proper proof of birth will generally result in the USCIS issuing a request for evidence (RFE) for the birth certificate and/or the required documents.