Green Card Trends Talent Acquisition Teams Should Know About

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Of all the immigration-related perks that companies offer, there’s one that stands out from the rest: green card sponsorship. Foreign national employees are looking for the peace of mind and security associated with long-term sponsorship—especially in today’s political climate. Foreign nationals can then focus on adjusting to life in a new country and their work when their employer is invested in them for the long-term. In response, talent acquisition teams are investing more resources into immigration-related perks to become a more appealing place of employment for foreign nationals.

Three green card trends talent acquisition teams should know about:

1. The majority of companies offer sponsorship

In Envoy Global’s 2019 Immigration Trends report, 66% of companies surveyed said they have sponsored a foreign national for permanent resident The breakdown of respondents is as follows: Savvy companies across all industries realize that in order to attract the best talent in today’s tightening labor market, they need to offer more robust perk packages. Offering green card sponsorship allows them to stand out from the competition.

2. The majority of employers start early

In a recent webinar, Louis Massard, a managing attorney for Global Immigration Associates, discussed the green card process in detail. He highlighted how the process may take years to complete, depending on the individual’s priority date, which can be found in the visa bulletin. As such, a majority of employers that sponsor have begun starting the green card process much earlier in an employee’s tenure. Sponsoring a green card and starting the process early in an employee’s tenure is a powerful incentive for potential hires.

3. Some companies cover all associated costs

Massard also said that, in addition to the timeline, it’s important to consider the costs, as they can be significant.

“The average Green Card costs vary depending on the category,” said Massard.

Knowing that, employers will need to determine if they will help cover any costs, and if so, what percentage. Keep in mind that during this process, some costs must always be paid by the employer, such as:

  • PERM recruitment filing fee costs
  • Attorney costs
  • Job advertising costs

In 2019, a vast majority of companies covered all or some costs. Breaking these numbers down reveals that a large majority of employers cover all or some fees. Bar graphs displaying what green card costs employers may cover

To ensure there isn’t any confusion, companies will want to be upfront with their employees regarding which costs will or won’t be covered. Companies can utilize green card sponsorship as a powerful immigration-related perk to attract and retain foreign talent.

Head to the Envoy website to listen to Louis Massard’s entire webinar on green card trends. For more insights on these trends and other immigration-related perks, download the 2019 Immigration Trends report.

Envoy is pleased to provide you this information, which was prepared in collaboration with Louis Massard, who is a Managing Attorney at Global Immigration Associates, P.C. (, Envoy’s affiliated law firm.